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Fireworks to New Zealand

The past week has been super hectic but at the same time incredibly enjoyable because this time of year has two of my favorite things. 4th of July and skiing!!

As I’ve described in my blog before the 4th of July weekend is something the southern Vermont locals take pretty seriously to say the least. Since I live in the area and have a lot of buddies who are not involved in the skiing world it’s a perfect weekend to hang with them and chill. As it turns out this was the first week in I don’t know how many years when the 4th of July weekend actually fell on an easy training week for me. Incredible! It’s like all the stars were aligned and for the first time since probably 1987 I didn’t have any training scheduled on the actual 4th of July! and was able to take the whole day off and enjoy it with friends. It was a weekend filled with lots of BBQ’s, swimming, and catching up with friends who I don’t get to see very often.


IMG_2188Erika and Natalie sing with the locals at the Landgrove Parade and Picnic

Erika’s sister Nat came to visit us for the weekend which definitely added to the good times. It was cool to show some outsiders all of the fun, and admittedly weird, 4th of July traditions we have. One being attending all the small town gatherings and parades in the area. Landgrove has a great town singalong and potluck dinner which we try to hit up each year. It’s almost eerie how ‘small town America’ it is but that’s what makes it charming.

This particular 4th of July Saturday marked a huge milestone in my life, which was getting the chance to be in the Londonderry parade! I signed up our SMST2 team to be part of the small town festivities and we rolled and actually skied down the street in the parade throwing candy to kids. It’s hard to compete with the tractors and the wagon filled with the old person brass band, but we tried our best.


We might have trashed a few pairs of skis but I think it was worth it


Enjoying the tropical waters of the Stratton Snow making pond

Even with all the fireworks and festivities we were able to fit in some training during the weekend including some bounding intervals with the SMS kids and some easy training on Sunday. In General it was a great end to an easy week of training which was meant to help us rest up for the next few weeks of USST camp training in New Zealand!

Last summer we took the year off from flying down under so this time I was super stoked and excited to get back to NZ. This is a little bit earlier than we normally travel down for skiing but it snow conditions are perfect. On Wednesday we loaded up the vans at SMS and drove to the airport to start the epic 2 days of travel it takes to get here. It actually sounds a lot worse than it is and even though it’s a massive 13 hour flight from California to the North Island of NZ it doesn’t feel much worse than traveling to Europe.


After we arrive on the North Island in Aukland we catch another flight to the South Island and Queenstown. As you fly over the South Island the landscape is maybe the coolest I’ve ever seen. Amazing beaches with waves rolling in and green fields that lead into huge snow covered mountains.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.38.42 PM

Taking in the drive from Queenstown up 2 mountain passes to the Snow Farm. We were a little short of space with our team rental vans but got lucky because Steve, our long time friend and manager of the Snow Farm, flew in at the same time so a few of us caught a ride with him from the airport to the Farm.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.39.22 PM

Yo Steve, you’re driving on the wrong side of the car! It always takes a little bit to get used to that.


For the next 14 days we will be in full on training camp mode here at the Snow Farm. Right now they have a perfect 30 plus K’s of trails groomed and hopefully even more on the way. This really is the best place to train I have ever experienced with awesome skiing right out the door, mild winter temperatures, great food and lodging, and super fun trails. We will spend the next two weeks skiing big hours, working on technique, and even getting in a few time trials.


The first 3 days of training here we have had about the best conditions you can imagine with hard wax skiing all day long for classic and fresh cords on skate days. I think we are all a little bit sore at this point from kicking so hard the first few days. It always takes a little bit to adjust to the skiing muscles.

Even after traveling down here to train 10+ times I’m still amazed by the views, mountains, and terrain you get to experience skiing from the Snow Farm.


It’s a lot of hard work coming to a training camp like this but it’s also a lot of fun


Jessie getting stoked outside the UFO


Big Days and Surf Adventures

This past week was the second of two back to back big training weeks. We have been using this time before our first US Ski team training camp to come together at Stratton and have as many quality SMST2 team workouts we can. So far things have been working out perfectly and now that paddy Caldwells is back in town we have had a great mens group on interval and speed days. For me this week was another pretty big training week and had a decent amount of hours for this time of year so I was forced to be out on the roads quite a bit logging the distance. Thankfully with these long days and beautiful green scenery it made for some fun workouts. We’ve been waking up pretty early to get out the door for our first session and often times waiting until late afternoon to go out…

Intervals and running races week #8

Believe it or not we have just finished up the 8th week of the training year which means we’ve got a solid two months in the books so far! Whenever I fill out my training log I like to make a note of what ‘week’ it is because it gives a cool perspective on how fast the training year can go by and how important each training week can be. It can also provide a helpful outline for the year and mark important phases in the general training plan. So now that we are settled at Stratton and with 7 weeks of lots of easy distance training logged we stepped it up a little bit for the ‘Ocho’ with more intervals and more volume. This was the first week so far where I have trained 3 intensity sessions in the week and also jumped above 20 hours, which made for…

PC to MT to VT

        The past two weeks have been filled with a lot of adventures, big training, and experiences stretching across 3 states. I was happy to get in some great high altitude training in Park City but on June 6th we changed locations and made the drive up to Bozeman Montana. There we met our friends from VT Ryan and Kate and showed them around the area a little bit. Hiking near Sacajawea peak we found a decent amount of snow still on the mountains. Temps were warm and sunny and the wild flowers were blooming so we did a little trail blazing of our own to get a sweet view. One of my favorite things about hiking around the west compared to Vermont is how open and easy it is to get to the tops of mountains. Without a bunch of trees and bushes in your way…

PC camp update

Our first few days of Park City camp consisted of our typical 9 hour days in the COE packed with testing and training and of course lots of meetings. In addition to our usual VO2max test on the treadmill and a new strength test I also chose to do a double pole max test this year just to hammer on the arms a bit more. We are seeing more an more opportunities in classic ski races now these days when it’s an option to double pole the whole course, and whether it’s good for skiing or not we’ve got to be prepared. Across the board I think testing went pretty well and I’m happy with where I’m at for the spring time. It’s always fun to compare results from 10 years of data and although treadmills and calibrations change one test that stays pretty consistent is our vertical jump test….

Living high week 3

Week 3 of training has been a lot of fun getting settled out here in Park City and easing into a daily training routine. I’m not sure I would actually call it easy since my strength coach Tschana has been just kicking my ass in the gym so it’s been an extremely sore week. The first few hard strength sessions of the training year always seem to make you super sore, but here in Park City it takes it to another level since Tschana is right with me for each session watching every exercise critiquing teaching and pushing me though every rep. It’s definitely the most productive way to lift but also the most intense. I find it extremely helpful especially during a hard core session to have someone standing right over you making sure you don’t slack on any exercise. In addition to the tough COE strength workouts we’ve…

Week 2 VT-PC

          The first few weeks of training are all about getting back into the routine of working out every day, and getting organized to tackle another long summer of tough workouts and long days. For me the first few few weeks of training require getting extremely sore at least a few times a week as I start to check off the first long run, bike, or hard lift of the season. It really is a great time of year for a skier and really feels like you can start over with a clean slate and a new training plan. For the past week I have been easing back into training while hanging out at home in VT.  After a few busy weeks of running around if definitely felt good to stay put at home. We were lucky enough to have some absolutely epic weather for week…

The Vacation Blog

Well it’s May 1st and it’s officially time to get back to being a cross country skier… But it’s important to think back on the last two weeks of spring shenanigans and be grateful for our downtime before we jump back on the roller skis. Like I mentioned in my last blog the springtime skiing in VT was unbelievable. I tried to get in as many skiing days as I could before heading out of town, everything from xc skiing up at Prospect, tromping around the backcountry, and even bringing it back to my roots.  Hitting jump at Stratton. I ended up breaking my pole going off the second time so for the rest of the day I had to ‘no pole’ it. I guess thats the price you pay for jumping with triacs on. It was a lot of fun to shoot some video and photos and just goof…

Spring Timin’ update

Since the races wrapped up in Sun Valley the typical spring chaos that tends to ensue has been in full effect .  The feeling I get at the end of a long race season isn’t always the same, sometimes I’m really ready to hang em up for the summer and other times I feel like I could keep on racing for another month or so. This year it was more of the latter since my strength and fitness felt like they were starting to come around and since World Champs I was having fun racing out the last world cups and super tour races in Sun Valley. I started feeling pretty sick the day before the 50k which was a real bummer since thats one of my favorite ways to close out the season. What I thought was just a normal cold though turned into one of the worst sicknesses…

World Championships!

The 2015 Falun World Championships have come to an end after two weeks of what I think was ski racing at it’s absolute best. Across the board the majority of athletes I talk to think these championship were some of the most fun to participate in because of the cool race courses, awesome stadium layout with tons of fans, and general smooth organization on behalf of Falun2015. It’s cool how Falun has a ‘small town’ feel but was also big enough to host a major championships and since the ski jumps and the xc venue were right next to one another it was a super convenient for spectators to access the racing action and pack the stands. I think almost every day sold out even standing room tickets! The sprint race was first on the schedule, which I think is always kind of fun to start out the championships with…