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My quick weekend break from the World Cup was a great opportunity to get in some unique races and build up some fitness before making the trip back to Oslo and joining up with the rest of the team. The Dolomitenlauf in Austria was an all around great experience with two non typical races, first a city sprint, and a 42k marathon race.

The DolomitenSprint is (apparently) one of the oldest recorded sprints, taking place on the eve of the marathon race in down town Lienz. Over the years it has evolved into a true show sprint with the spectators enjoyment in mind. The course consists of a super short 2 lap race in the downtown square complete with downhill starting gates, a super sketchy spiral downhill, and a jump.


To add to the atmosphere there are two guys wearing lederhosen who fire a cannon to start each heat! In true city sprint fashion there is no seeding, no qualification, just show up and rip some heats. It turned out to be a super fun night. Reese was there racing as well as Lenny from Canada, and a handful of speedy Italians, Germans, and Austrians. I made my way to the final without too much carnage but my luck ended in the Final with a great face plant out of the starting gate and two broken poles.  It was too bad to miss out on a good pay day for the win but it was a great experience. The heats didn’t wrap up until 8:30 at night which made for a quick turnaround and a quick recovery for the next morning.

Although the sprint was fun my main focus for the weekend was the 42k marathon. I haven’t done too many races like this and I was looking forward to testing out my double pole in a long distance race. The course was a 4 lap loop with a lot of gradual climbs, a few steep ones in the stadium, but definitely a double- pole course. My big unknown was if my upper body would hold up for that long and I was happy with the way the race played out. I tried to stay near the front out of trouble since the course was narrow and windy in places. Maybe it was the excitement of the video crew snowmobile right at the front of the pack the whole time, but I did my fair share to leading and pushing the pace. I’m not sure why it just felt good.

In the end our main pack came down to three and it turned out to be a long hard push to the finish. Stanislav Rezac had a hard push with about a half K to go which strung us out. It was a great learning experience to do a race like this with some real double poolers and also perfect training to get ready for the rest of the season and all the DP heavy sprints coming up.

23.01.2016, Loipe Obertilliach, AUT, 42. Dolomitenlauf, Classicrace, im Bild v.l.t.r. Andy Newell (USA, 2. Platz), Stanislav Rezac (CZK, 1. Platz) und Mauro Brigadoi (ITA, 3. Platz) // during the 42nd Dolomitenlauf Classicrace at Obertilliach, Austria on 2015/01/23, EXPA Pictures © 2016 PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Michael Gruber

23.01.2016, Loipe Obertilliach, AUT, 42. Dolomitenlauf, Classicrace, im Bild v.l.t.r. Andy Newell (USA, 2. Platz), Stanislav Rezac (CZK, 1. Platz) und Mauro Brigadoi (ITA, 3. Platz) // during the 42nd Dolomitenlauf Classicrace at Obertilliach, Austria on 2015/01/23, EXPA Pictures © 2016 PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Michael Gruber

On Monday we met up with the team in Munich and flew to Oslo. This weekend was a week off from the World Cup which meant we had to find some place to get in a little bit of training before the Olso and Drammen World Cups. We had heard that the skiing in Sjusjøen was epic so we rented some cabins and have been training here for the past few days.

Aside from a little bit of fog and wind the conditions have been perfect for training. It’s actually hard not to train too much when you are up here since there are so many unbelievable trails.



Cabin life!

For the past few days I have been getting in some re building intervals and some easy distance skiing. Drammen and Stockholm sprints are right around the corner which have always been some of my favorites and a highlight of the season. We will drive back down to Oslo on Monday to prepare for the epic city sprint in Drammen which will take place on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to putting my double pole to the test again in those two sprints.


Scott having the joy of a birthday on the road last night! It’s always great to have the girls around to bake an awesome cake!



Central Europe update!

Since the end of the Tour de Ski things haven’t slowed down a bit here on the road. Ok, maybe they slowed down for a few days… (post tour I took a few super easy days off from training), but then jumping back into hard workouts again in order to prepare for the next World cup races. I wrapped up the Tour de Ski in Toblach and spent those two days relaxing and hanging out at the Hotel Dolomiten. Taking easy days on the road in Europe can always be a little boring but those few days in Toblach were especially restless since I was awaiting the arrival of Erika! But she finally got here and it was worth the wait. It can be pretty difficult to coordinate travel schedules since we are both spending the winter racing, but it worked out for Erika to come over to a week…

Christmas Blog

When we are so wrapped up in the racing here in Europe I think it’s pretty easy for Christmas to sneak up on you. Some people think that’s strange but a lot of us have been traveling the World Cup for a long that time so spending Christmas with the team over in Europe is just a normal gig by now. Usually Christmas week involves a little bit of road tripping. This year we ended our last period 1 World Cup race in Toblach Italy and planned to drive back to Davos for the 10 days before the start of the Tour De Ski. Luckily it’s not too far… at least on a map… but often those small Italian and Swiss roads can be deceivingly slow. Leaving the Toblach World Cup venue back to Davos. Driving over some of the passes you would think there is a lot of snow……

Kuusamo to Lillehammer

It’s been a busy week so it wasn’t easy to get a blog update in but here is a quick recap of what the US crew has been up to here on the World Cup. EBJ getting in some training in Finland before the Ruka Tripple. Ruka was pretty epic this year. The past two seasons I really struggled in the sprint there for whatever reason. Could have been because we were coming into the season too flat, maybe it wasn’t enough of on snow time, but after a few years in a row of struggling to break the top 25 I nearly swore off Kuusamo last season hoping I would never have to come back again.  Of course that bitterness tends to fade and of course 12 months later I found myself at the start line of one of the toughest sprints of the season in Ruka. This year…

On Snow in Sweden

Well we’ve made the yearly voyage to the far North in oder to find early season snow and racing and have arrived here in Gallivare Sweden.   On Friday I said goodbye to the US for what will be about a 4 month trip on the World Cup, which is always extremely tough to do but exciting at the same time. Being on the road away from girlfriend, friends,  and family isn’t easy but this year I’m more fired up than ever to start racing and want to get back to showing everyone what I can do on the World Cup. Because of this long time on the road it can make the last few days at home a little stressful trying to say goodbye to everyone and also making sure you’re not forgetting anything important. I was lucky that this year Erika, my fam, and all my teammates made…

Talking With VT Kids

With just two weeks at home in Vermont this is always a pretty busy time of year.  We are coming off a solid three week western training camp so it’s perfect to have a little down time at home before the season gets underway.  Most people know that I’m always stoked to take some time to visit with the local schools here in Vermont. Being from a rural area I think it’s so important for kids to know that no matter where they’re from they always have the opportunity to chase their dreams and do great things. That’s why I was super excited to partner with Union Mutual of Vermont this Fall to set up some school visits in the Montpelier area.    We started our Monday morning with a visit to the Union High School. I don’t do a ton of High school talks but I really enjoy connecting…

Introducing Sven Can See!!

With the start of the World Cup season just one month away it’s time for me to officially announce my new head-gear sponsor Sven Can See! I’m super stoked to be partnering with this new Boston based company and I’m excited to help introduce Sven Can See to the world.   So what is Sven Can See?? They have products that can be used on all types of eyewear from ski goggles and glasses, motorcycle and snowmobile shields, to water sports gear like scuba diving and swimming masks. Pretty much anything you want to see through clearly and prevent fogging in any condition.  They make a lens cleaner and an anti fog/ice gel that can be applied to the eyewear.  Perfect for those snowing, sleeting, or raining days on the xc race course.           So whats with the name?? The name Sven comes from the name of a…

Johansson Fest/ Park City

Since arriving out in Utah the past week has been incredible, filled with a lot of first time adventures and great training. Our final USST training camp of the off-season started on Tuesday but before we jumped into the hard training many of us traveled out to Utah early for a few nights of desert camping in Moab. The main reason for the trip was to hang out with and celebrate our long time wax tech Peter Johansson. Peter is stepping down from his head wax tech position this season after a serious long haul with the team. Peter has been with the US Ski team for almost 10 years and has been a driving force behind bringing the team to where we are today.   As the results of the US skiers began to improve on the World Cup the professionalism of the staff also stepped up each year lead…

Fallin’ and ski ballin’

There’s no denying it that Autumn is the best time of year to be training around New England. For the past week the Stratton team has been together getting in one last big team week of training around SMS before our next US Ski Team camp out West. For many of us this will be the last time we have the whole team training together in Vermont before the season starts, so we wanted to take advantage of this time with some epic training and fun Fall adventures. Although the leaves are late to change this year it still takes you by surprise how great some of the back road colors are. One of our favorite Fall workouts of the year is our annual ski-run combo at Little Rock Pond. It’s always a fun point to point workouts followed by a chili and corn bread lunch at Sverre’s house.  …

Join The Club! Get the Gear!

Today is the official opening of the Andy Newell Fan club on RallyMe! What is the Andy Newell Fan Club? It’s a cool way for me to connect with ski fans from around the world. In my ski career I’ve always had     two goals: 1.) Win an Olympic Medal 2.) Encourage more Americans to ski by showing everyone how fun and exciting it is! By Supporting the Andy Newell Fan Club you are helping support my journey in accomplishing these two things! Most of all think it would be super cool to see a lot of fan club gear at this season’s World Cup races in Canada! Here’s how to join:  go here: To the Andy Newell Fan Club page on USSA’s RallyMe. On this page you can get more info about the club and also sign up for the Fan Club Package: For the Fan Club Package…