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Living high week 3

Week 3 of training has been a lot of fun getting settled out here in Park City and easing into a daily training routine. I’m not sure I would actually call it easy since my strength coach Tschana has been just kicking my ass in the gym so it’s been an extremely sore week. The first few hard strength sessions of the training year always seem to make you super sore, but here in Park City it takes it to another level since Tschana is right with me for each session watching every exercise critiquing teaching and pushing me though every rep. It’s definitely the most productive way to lift but also the most intense. I find it extremely helpful especially during a hard core session to have someone standing right over you making sure you don’t slack on any exercise.

In addition to the tough COE strength workouts we’ve had a few great outdoor adventures despite the rough weather. Its been pretty cold and cloudy here in PC with the accessional snow or rain shower but as with most western states the weather can change super quickly so it’s all about taking advantage of the good windows. I was able to make it out for a few great roller skis with the Hoff and Liz who are both in town, but a lot of the training was done with just Erika and I. It’s fun to take advantage of a mellow schedule and setting your own training hours for a few days before camp starts.

IMG_1974We went on a few high altitude adventures up on Guardsman pass. I was determined to run to this cool lake I had been to before.


we found a little bit of snow along the way. Actually a lot more snow than I thought was going to be there which made for some slow going and trail blazing.


And although Erika had her doubts in me we found the ‘cool’ alpine lake but it was all frozen over still.


views from the top


lots of green and cool trees toward the bottom of our trek.

This weekend I’ve been keeping training pretty relaxed since we will start the training camp on Monday with back to back max tests on the treadmill. some folks don’t like maxing out on the treadmill but I have to say I don’t mind it and find the whole scientific side of testing pretty interesting. At the very least when you’re skiing on a treadmill it feel like you’re hailing ass which is kind of fun no matter what. In addition to the max tests we will have our normal blood, hemoglobin, and strength tests to see what kind of shape we are in to start the training year.

So I think today will be spent chilling and possibly fishing depending on if we can find the weather window. Looking forward to getting back together with my USST teammates after a long break, we’re such a tight team and spend so much time together throughout the year its a lot like a big family reunion for our first camp of the summer with everything from by team BBQ’s and of course lots of meetings!



Week 2 VT-PC

          The first few weeks of training are all about getting back into the routine of working out every day, and getting organized to tackle another long summer of tough workouts and long days. For me the first few few weeks of training require getting extremely sore at least a few times a week as I start to check off the first long run, bike, or hard lift of the season. It really is a great time of year for a skier and really feels like you can start over with a clean slate and a new training plan. For the past week I have been easing back into training while hanging out at home in VT.  After a few busy weeks of running around if definitely felt good to stay put at home. We were lucky enough to have some absolutely epic weather for week…

The Vacation Blog

Well it’s May 1st and it’s officially time to get back to being a cross country skier… But it’s important to think back on the last two weeks of spring shenanigans and be grateful for our downtime before we jump back on the roller skis. Like I mentioned in my last blog the springtime skiing in VT was unbelievable. I tried to get in as many skiing days as I could before heading out of town, everything from xc skiing up at Prospect, tromping around the backcountry, and even bringing it back to my roots.  Hitting jump at Stratton. I ended up breaking my pole going off the second time so for the rest of the day I had to ‘no pole’ it. I guess thats the price you pay for jumping with triacs on. It was a lot of fun to shoot some video and photos and just goof…

Spring Timin’ update

Since the races wrapped up in Sun Valley the typical spring chaos that tends to ensue has been in full effect .  The feeling I get at the end of a long race season isn’t always the same, sometimes I’m really ready to hang em up for the summer and other times I feel like I could keep on racing for another month or so. This year it was more of the latter since my strength and fitness felt like they were starting to come around and since World Champs I was having fun racing out the last world cups and super tour races in Sun Valley. I started feeling pretty sick the day before the 50k which was a real bummer since thats one of my favorite ways to close out the season. What I thought was just a normal cold though turned into one of the worst sicknesses…

World Championships!

The 2015 Falun World Championships have come to an end after two weeks of what I think was ski racing at it’s absolute best. Across the board the majority of athletes I talk to think these championship were some of the most fun to participate in because of the cool race courses, awesome stadium layout with tons of fans, and general smooth organization on behalf of Falun2015. It’s cool how Falun has a ‘small town’ feel but was also big enough to host a major championships and since the ski jumps and the xc venue were right next to one another it was a super convenient for spectators to access the racing action and pack the stands. I think almost every day sold out even standing room tickets! The sprint race was first on the schedule, which I think is always kind of fun to start out the championships with…

Davos to Sweden

We just finished up our pre World Champs training camp in Davos and as always life at the Kulm didn’t disappoint. We spent the past 10 days getting in some great skiing in some snowy conditions and enjoy a short break from World Cup racing. Everyone’s approach to a pre championship training camp is a little bit different, for me I spent the first few days working on some easy distance training while adjusting to the altitude. It’s funny how even just a few days of logging some increased hours of distance training during the middle of a busy season can help boost your fitness. After a few longer days of training I switched over to working on some hard intensity. Each athlete has their won individual formula for a successful peak leading up to World Camps. For me it was time to focus on some hard intervals getting in…

do svidaniya Russia!

    We saw a little but of everything during this trip to Russia from highs to lows both on the race track and in sub zero temperatures. In general it was an outstanding weekend of top performances from our ladies squad and as always it was an exciting adventure filled with things out of the ordinary so… here are a few pics.   the trip to Rybinsk started with a 6 hour bus ride from Moscow. The roads are a lil bit bumpy in some parts and our rickety bus didn’t go much faster than 40 miles per hour, but we were able to spread out and enjoy the bumps and just roll with it. We watched a few movies and kicked back but at the end of the day it was a wicked long travel day. I couldn’t believe we made it the whole 6 hour trip with…

Fightin’ the Hives

The Tour de Ski is officially behind us and unfortunately for me it couldn’t have come too soon. It’s safe to say that the past 1o days have been some of the hardest for me as an athlete struggling with both on-course disasters and my health. With that being said there were still many highlight of the week which can’t be ignored especially seeing Liz battle her way to a 5th place overall finish. We were beyond stoked to see her crush the classic mass start sage 6 and then to turn around and hammer up another placing in the hill climb was unreal! We were all yelling at the TV here in Ramsau and it really was an epic ski on her part. So proud of her.   Sophie, Sadie, Ida, Simi and I traveled to Ramsau after the races in Toblach since we were planning on skipping the…

Home for X-Mas!

When I heard the news that FIS had changed and relocated last weeks races to Davos not to mention substituted in a Skate sprint, I have to admit I wasn’t too stoked. It had aways been my plan to skip the last weekend of World Cups before Christmas and travel home for some family time. After running through every possible scenario to stay in Davos and race the second Skate sprint I decided to stick with the travel plan and miss out on some valuable world cups points and continue flying home to VT on December 16th. Looking back it was a tough decision for sure… It’s never fun to think about a world cup sprint going on without you, especially on a course you know you can compete well on… but at the end of the day for me it was totally worth it and I’l glad I stuck…

Ruka to Lillehammer

Sometimes it feels like the ‘steeps’ of Ruka can either make or break your weekend in Kuusamo. There really are very few ski courses in the world that have steeper hills and it’s something that we definitely don’t see on the roller skis throughout the summer so it can be a very rude awakening to the world cup scene. For me it was a tough adjustment and the races didn’t go nearly as well as I had hoped. The race weekend started with the classic sprint on Saturday and as usual everyone including myself was pretty fired up to draw race the final Ruka climb into the stadium and fight it out on what has become an iconic opening sprint race.  They day wasn’t made any easier by some tricky waxing conditions. looking up the big climb. I think it’s safe to say that often times conditions are a lot…