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Far North Update

We have been in Muonio Finland for the past 4 days and going through the usual adjusting to the Euro time zone and the dark coldness of the far North. As usual it look the typical 27 hours + to travel all the way from Vermont to Northern Finland but with everyone here in one piece and all of our baggage intact you can’t really ask for much more. Muonio is about a 3 hour drive North of Roveneimi (the official airport of Santa Clause!)


Getting ready for the 7+ hour flight across the pond. In order to get to Muonio we had to fly to Amsterdam- Helsinki – Roveneimi

IMG_1520This shot of the map in the airport gives you an idea of how far North we really are…. about a 3 hour drive above the arctic circle.

For the past 4 days we have been getting some great on snow training in and adjusting to the sleep schedule. It can always be a little tricky when the sun rises at 10 in the morning and sets again at 3 but of me I think I’ve been adjusting to Euro time pretty well.  One of the best ways to do that is just by training twice a day. It can get damn cold up here but we have been fortunate enough to have had some amazing training conditions with temps just in the mid teens – 20′s.  We’ve had some clear days but also the ‘ice fog’ that tends to roll in here.. it makes it feel much colder than it really is but also makes the trees really beautiful and white.


The sun never really hits the area where we are staying but sometimes you can see it shining in the sky which can make for some really cool colors.

While we are here we stay in some epic cabins right on the ski trails complete with wood stoves and sauna. It really is Northern Scando living at it’s best with great training right out the door. They also do a ‘frozen thunder’ type thing here in Muonio so they guarantee snow by mid October. So right now there is a 5k loop here made up of mostly man made snow and natural snow mixed in. So far the track as been rock hard, fast, and great hard wax skiing.


Cold snow classic skiing at it’s best!



Peter J drove over from his home in Sweden to be here for a few days so we’ve been running through some of the new skis he’s picked over at the Fischer factory. What we typically do is test some of the newer boards against some of the older race skis and try to eliminate some early on in the season. We try to keep the race fleet to about 30-35 skis

Through the weekend we will be training here and getting ready for the first World Cups in Kuusamo. I have already jumped into my first interval session since being over and will try to get in a practice time trial on the weekend. It’s been great having the whole world cup crew back together.

IMG_1519All smiled in the North Land. It’s been cool having Reese and Caitlin over here for the CC spots and we’re all really excited to get back to the craziness of the world cup. This picture below is a great example of what it looks like outside most of the time up here.. dark and icy, but we are all still stoked to be here skiing on real snow!

20141120_193738the crew walking up the hill after a hot dinner of potatoes, meet, and wasa crackers




Last week Home

yes it is. Actually it’s the last week in the US for a while so here’s a little recap of whats been going on. After returning from Canmore Erika, Simi, Sophie, Ben and I hit up the big city for two days. Now most people know I’m not much of a city guy but NYC has been growning on me the last few times I’ve been there. It’s just so different, I feel like it’s kind of it’s own country. Very overwhelming, but a pretty cool place to see in small doses. We spent a day checking out some different parts of town including the MET and central park before we had our NYC Gold Medal Gala US Ski team fundraiser that evening. It was a great turn out and a as always it was a cool opportunity to catch up with USSA supporters, trustees, and ski fans from NY….

Canmore update

Frozen Thunder in Canmore never seems to disappoint.  We’ve been training here for the past week getting used to the feel of skiing on real snow and extending our mega camp into it’s third week.  The thought of skiing on a 2 k loop for a week can make some skiers cringe but something about being here in Canmore on the ‘Thunder” isn’t bad at all. I’ve been in plenty of ski tunnels over the years and although the skiing is just as crowded and often times just as sugary here on the “Thunder” the fact that we’re outside surrounded by beautiful mountains makes it that much better. We have been spending the past week adjusting to the roller ski – snow transition which means working on a lot of technique. Here Liz, Jessie, and Matt work on some skating without poles.  Our first few days in town we worked…

VT to PC and Speed Camp

The past week was a crazy one while putting in some good training in Vermont and also getting organized for our month long training camp to Park City and Canmore. Fall is one of my favorite times of year to be training in Vermont and the past week was awesome with cool night, warm days, and lots of color. We had some of our usual workouts scheduled including bounding intervals up the mountain and a long OD ski run combo with the SMS club. School is in full session now so it’s great to have a big group of young skiers along for a weekend distance workout and the gym is always crazy. On Saturday the whole group was out for a ski run around Little Rock Pond and a big BBQ at sverres house to celebrate the start of the year and the super fun Peru fair weekend. Fall…

Last weeks of summer

We are in that strange shoulder season right now when it’s not quite Fall but the lazy summer feeling isn’t there either. As a skier it feels like the Lake Placid Training camp is a big turning point when we start hitting more intensity and all of a sudden the season is right around the corner. We finished off our LP camp strong with the epic Climb to the Castle race which is always one of he hardest workouts we do all year long. It’f funny because distance skate skiing… especially uphill skate skiing, would have to be my worse event but each year I go into the climb thinking I’ll tear it up. I do think my skate technique has improved a ton over the summer and I’m a lot fitter when it comes to skating but damn a 40 minute uphill race is still tough. I ended up…

Speed Camp Video

easy week surf adventure

Since this past week was a lighter one with training we spent some time doing some easy workouts around Stratton and getting organized for Lake Placid camp. After doing some L3 intervals on Saturday we had a good change to take a few days away from serious training so Erika and I headed out to the coast. Our first stop was North Beach near Hampton. Once you get north of the craziness of Hampton beach I really like the NH coast both because it’s beautiful when the weather is great and also because it’s pretty laid back. Not too uppity… whatever that means. I’ve been taking little surf trips to Cinnamon Rainbows since I was in junior high and I have a love-hate relationship with the ‘wall,’ the local surf spot. You can’t see the waves from the road because of the concrete wall so there’s always a lot of…

Canadian SMS camp week

It’s been the week of camps! technicially the week of 3 camps since the Canadians are still in town training and the SMS BKL and junior camps have been going on at the Stratton campus. I wasn’t even able to get a post in last week because things were so busy so there is a lot to catch up on. For me the last two weeks have been planned as a big volume block… one of the last big volume blocks of the summer before adding in a bunch of intensity as we get closer to the fall. Last week was a 24 hour week and this week was even bigger so it was awesome to have the Canadians and their coach Tor Arne Hetland here at Stratton to add a new level of intensity. I spent the beginning of last week showing the crew around the southern Vermont area…

VT Vacation Week

hot damn… it’s already August! since returning from Alaska camp I’ve been here in Vermont for the past week enjoying a little VT summer vacation. The past two weeks of training camp in AK had a lot of high quality training so this was a great change to kick back and take an easy week.  A lot of my teammates on the SMS-t2 team headed home but Erika and I hung out here at Stratton and had a kick ass stay-cation (i think thats what you call it) and got to enjoy some great VT summer activity. Evening Swimming at North Beach in Burlington  One of the things I was have been really looking forward to the last month was seeing Old Crow Medicine Show at their concert in Shelburne VT. They have a new album out that we’ve been listening to a lot and it’s not too often we…

Alaska Camp Video