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Back Home!

After leaving Estonia on Monday morning I was able to make it back to Vermont without any major problems. I flew from Tallinn through Brussels on to DC and then back up to Albany where it is then just an easy hour drive to my house. So it wasn’t a very bad travel day and I came home to some great winter conditions here in Southern VT. The snow at my house can be hit or miss during the winter sometimes because of the mild weather but the snow it actually pretty good right now, and even better up in the mountains where the xc trails are. So I’ve had some easy training for the past two days but have still managed to make it up to prospect each day. This morning I had a great breakfast with Peter Graves down at the Blue Benn, which is an awesome old school diner we have here in Bennington. It’s the full on silver trailer type diner that serves everything from turkey dinners to 24 hour breakfast. So after that I headed up the mountain in some perfect freshly falling snow and hit the Prospect trails a little bit with my mom. It’s really great to be back home and skiing around on the trails I grew up practicing on as a BKYSL skier.
So my life is going to be pretty chill for the next week while I’m home. A lot of my buddies are out of town but as soon as they’re back we’ll get a little rowdy before I have to head out to Canmore and prepare for the Olympics. Well, I promised pics from last weekend’s wax tech relay… so here we go!

DSCN1104.JPGSwedish skier Charlotte Kalla runs beside her wax tech giving a split. Finish, Norwegian, and Russian athletes look on.

DSCN1101.JPG The fans show up for the tech relay…. it’s even televised on local TV.

DSCN1106.JPGPeter J and Justin smiling before their intense race cough sets in. good times.




  1. ninasilitch says:

    –Cool. What is a wax tech relay? Great enthusiam and nice venue.
    –My wife, Nina, has a new blog on FasterSkier. She is a World Cup US team ski mountaineering racer and we live in Chamonix, France. She is on her way to an Italian World Cup in the French van as I write.
    –I saw photos of your digs in Rangley. Nina’s Dad runs Saddleback and we skied the nordic trails there last Christmas.
    –Great blog and good luck in the Olympics! Michael Silitch