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Mudder Pics

on Saturday I took part in the Tough Mudder competition at Mt. Snow here in VT.  After having buddies do it in previous years and tell me how sweet it was I had to sign up this year and give it a go. It’s basically a 10 mile course where you run up and down the alpine hill 3 or 4 times and make your way through 30 different obstacles along the way. They have competitions like this all around the US and Europe and the one here in New England has grown so much that with about 20 thousand participants.. it’s the biggest sporting event in the state.

The Tough Mudder courses are designed by ex special forces and the events raise money for the wounded warrior foundation and therefore there is a military aspect to a lot of what goes on. Sticking with the ‘no mudder left behind’ motto the event isn’t considered a race but instead a challenge so competitors who want to really hammer it out must self time and then submit their times online to qualify for the Worlds Toughest Mudder competition which takes place later in the year. So of course my buddy and I were there to go as fast as we possibly could.

With so many people singed up for the event they start waves of several hundred every 20 minutes and basically keep that pace all day long. So the dudes looking to race it try to get in the first few waves in order to stay out of traffic… however the water obstacles (which in some cases are cooled down with ice cubes) are damn cold at 8 in the morning so we also decided to specially order 1 mill neoprene shirts to stay warm. So we got a spot in the 3rd wave which was perfect and set out hard and fast.

There was a ton up steep uphill and downhill running which made for a hard race and also destroyed my legs. The only part of the course that was tough to concur without a team were the 12 foot walls at about 9 miles which took a few tries to get over with tired legs. But i definitely didn’t hold anything back and hammered it as hard as could  and after blowing through the electric shock hay bails and crossing the finish line it felt like I had just done a 50k. With a time of 1:50 it was the fastest time of the day and therefore will be qualified to go up against all the other fastest mudders at the Worlds Toughest mudder. although I think that takes place in February so I don’t think thats going to happen. I did however learn that I really like these extreme obstacle type races and might need to do more of them including the Spartan race which takes place here in VT in September.

here are a few pics from Saturday

my mom ( in yellow) took on the mudder… and completed it with a team of friends. here she is going through the electric shock water crawl thing