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Bend pics

After a 10 day training camp in Bend I think we’re all a little bit tired but we were able to get in a ton of sweet skiing and train along side a big group of people. The camp schedule was similar to what it was been in the past with a main focus on easy distance skiing but since there were so many fast skiers around we definitely had to hammer it out during a few workouts and get some intervals in.

For me the hard skiing started early in the camp by doing the skate leg of the PPP. That event was as awesome to take part in and it was rad to represent Rebound and take home the victories for the men and women. Tad even showed up with a full on Specialized TT bike that definitely gave us an advantage and helped us get under the 1:45 marker. In addition to the PPP we had a few other hard days practicing speeds as a group and doing a 2.5k two person team relay one day. In general the skiing was epic… and much better than last years conditions. I think we were able to ski with our shirts off almost half of the days this year which we definitely took advantage of.

For us Bend camp is also about getting out off the snow and having fun as a team. We were able to get out on our annual team mountain bike ride this year and took a few laps on the ‘woops’. This can always be a little sketchy when you get everyone out on bikes pushing each other to go fast off of jumps but aside from Birds leg it was an injury free day. We also had our Canada vs. USA baseball game which, I don’t need to mention the score, but lets just way we won. Skyler even stepped up and blasted one into the river. Bend is also known for is great concerts during the spring time and this year we were able to get out on a few nights and have a good time checking out bands like Blind Pilot, The Head and the Heart, The Shins, Metric, and Beck. I listened to a lot of Beck growing up but had never seen him in concert … he is one bad ass dude. I have to say when he rocked out ‘Loser’ I got pretty stoked.

                            Simi and Jessie arriving in Bend. It’s really sweet to be able to fly direct from SLC to Redmond

Some days were nicer than others. The difference between weather in Bend and up at Bachelor is incredible

                                                                                                    America’s pastime

Big Lenny doing his thing for team Canada


now that I’m in Park City for a few weeks I’m hangin with my PC friends……. nohe the white cat