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From Surf to Ski

Well it’s May first and what we skiers know as ‘spring’ time is coming to an end. For the past 4 weeks I’ve been enjoying life away from serious ski training which started with a trip to Washington DC after the Super Tour Finals in Anchorage.

After every Olympic cycle the US team is invited to the white house to get a tour and meet the President and First lady. This years trip was special for me because I was there on official business with POW and the Althetes for Action campaign I’ve been working on.   After shaking hands and having a short conversation with the President about climate change I went over to the State department and met with Todd Stern who is the head of Obama’s appointed Special Envoy for Climate Change. A big goal of Athletes for Action is to influence the decisions that are made by countries that might negatively effect the environment and Todd Stern is the man who negotiates on behalf of the US at all the UN climate talks. So this was a very cool meeting and a great experience.



After the white House visit it was awesome to make it back to Vermont and finally unwind after what had been a very long season. now Vermont might not be the most radical place to be in April with all the rain and mud and crappy wether but it was cool to get some time with friends, do some building, backcountry skiing, and get back to the VT lifestyle.

Back country skiing in VT is pretty unique because it consist of either hiking and skiing the alpine mountains… which we did a lot of… or striking out into the woods which can be a little think to say the least.

IMG_0561here we are shredding the stick up on peru peak . it’s pretty easy to get a branch to the face



Beaver pond ski sesh




We got to take lots of sauna’s and help out Ryan who is building is new house in Weston. One great thing about April in VT is that it’s boiling season so there were a few boiling parties which consist of getting rowdy, feeding the fire, and making lots of maple syrup.


After a good week of red-necking it up it was time to head to Costa Rica for an annual surf trip. CR is one of my favorite places in the world and although each year I say I should try to go find a different spot for a spring surf adventure I just can’t manage to miss out on the gnarlyness of Playa Hermosa.



the streets of Hermosa Palms where we rent out houses. We definitely aren’t roughing it when we go down there but Playa hermosa is only 10 minutes away from Jaco which is a decent size town with tons of bars, restaurants, and costa rica’s biggest surf scene. People come from all over to surf in this area because of it’s consistently big swells. the first 3 days we say building waves until it really picked up… so much so that they held their local big wave competition at the break known as Roco Loco. You can see from the massive boulders at the surfer’s take off as to why the locals call it that.



it was in the 15 foot range for the two days of competition. you can’t really get an idea of how big the wave is until you spot the grown men who look like tiny specks on the wave.



There was a big crew of us down there on vacation, some surfers.. others more into the pool cervesa routine which makes for a great time. Kate Barton had been down there for a whole week before we came and met up with us to find some sweet surf. We spent a few days surfing locally and driving around to some new spots that I hadn’t surfed before. Kate who grew up in Maine is extremely good on the surf board, no joke. even having been down to this area 5 times before i’m still learning new surf spots and getting to know some of the locals in the area.



this dog didn’t belong to us but made it’s home on our porch for the week. With the swell building and the waves dumping we saw 4-5 people have their boards broken by the powerful surf… we stayed clear for the most part accept for one incident in Jaco. Erika has been getting more into surfing so it was awesome to have her out in the water some days even though the rips were super strong and it was definitely not the easiest surfing conditions.

IMG_0637Playa hermosa is a real surfers paradise.



As usual we were too busy being excited about surfing to get any decent pictures but it was a great week. One of my old surf buddies Reid came down and joined US. I came down to this area with Reid back when I was in high school and he still has friends in the area that would work surf camp with him. It always helps to know a local or two when it comes to a place like costa



So thats basically a Vaca recap. Now I’m back in VT and getting into the rhythm of training again. now that the training year is officially underway I will be updating the blog on a very regular basis with updates on the SMS team here in VT and from our many training camps during the summer. ‘Spring” time is over but the summer has just begun… Stoked!






  1. allegria says:

    Hi, I do like your blog about skiing and surfing experience. I do know skiing to be a sport and at the same time a form of transpo in cold places with snow. On the other hand, Surfing is a water sport ride facing the movement of the waves. Both are challenging and I guess, its your forte. I really like to learn surfing though, Is it difficult? Would you mind giving me tips in having to try that sport as a beginner? I noticed that you are so inclined to these sports and it seems that you do enjoy with both kind. Thanks again for sharing your experiences here. I’ll be looking up for your other articles here.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks Allegria,
    surfing can be a difficult sport to learn but that is what makes it so fun. It is easier of you practice on a skateboard or something first and then take it to the water. The hardest part about surfing is knowing how to paddle into the waves and knowing how to navigate in the water. If you have good balance standing up should be no problem. I would really recommend giving it a try. if you live where it’s cold just get a good wetsuit!

  3. allegria says:

    Hi,Andy. I really appreciate your prompt response here. Yes,I think you are correct. Maybe I should try first to practice on a skateboard since I am still a beginner. I could imagine then how fun it is to be having a good balance standing up. Anyway, Thanks again for your time in giving me this advice about surfing.

    All the Best,
    Bosley Crowther – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia