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PC to MT to VT





The past two weeks have been filled with a lot of adventures, big training, and experiences stretching across 3 states. I was happy to get in some great high altitude training in Park City but on June 6th we changed locations and made the drive up to Bozeman Montana. There we met our friends from VT Ryan and Kate and showed them around the area a little bit.
IMG_2086Hiking near Sacajawea peak we found a decent amount of snow still on the mountains. Temps were warm and sunny and the wild flowers were blooming so we did a little trail blazing of our own to get a sweet view.


One of my favorite things about hiking around the west compared to Vermont is how open and easy it is to get to the tops of mountains. Without a bunch of trees and bushes in your way its super fun to be able to scale some big peaks and get an awesome view.


For whatever reason this summer has turned into the summer of experiences. We started it off with skydiving in Utah after the end of our camp but have continued with that theme throughout the month. Maybe it’s because new experiences get you fired up to have more new experiences.. I dunno, but there have been a lot of ‘firsts’ happening this June.


Like my first time on a horse. Or at least a real horse. I was pretty worried it was going to be incredibly boring and lame but it turned out to be pretty fun. Kate is an accomplished horse rider so we agreed to hit the ranch with her and Ryan on their first full day in Montana. I have to say it was interesting to at least learn the basics of riding a horse, but I really wanted to push the speed and get a gallop going.


It was a beautiful day and although we had to ride pretty slowly and in a line there were a few opportunities where we got to do what I call ‘horse freestyling’ which meant we were allowed to ride wherever we wanted and it was a lot more fun to trot along the high desert prairies feeling a little bit like a cowboy.


Although we were there to have fun and see some friends Erika and I were still in training mode during our time in MT. so we spend a lot of the mornings training together including hammering out some running intervals and roller skiing intervals.  One morning heading up Bozeman Creek for some 5×7 minutes L3.IMG_2084

Putting in some hard training made the afternoons feel even better which brings me to the second experience of the week: catching my first trout! Gus and Ryan had bid on a two day fishing package with Erika’s dad at one of our SMSt2 fundraisers so this was the perfect time to make it happen. The timing worked out that both Ryan and Gus were able to make it out to Bozeman and Pat Flowers was nice enough to be our legendary fishing guid.


Even though the water was a little high and temps were a little too hot on our first day of fishing we all still had an epic time and spend two days floating some long sections on the Madison river in search of some fish.


90 degrees made for some tough fishing but some hot and toasty rafting. We would take turns jumping into the water or tubing off the back to cool off. Even in not so great fishing conditions Ryan and Gus were able to hook a few.. I mostly just got a sunburn.


The next day the conditions improved we found some cloud cover and landed some nicer fish. Flyfishing trout experience, check! I was fired up to catch my first real fish a nice looking brown trout.


The long sunny days were awesome in MT and we are so grateful to Pat for taking the time to bring us fishing. It was a fun chance for my VT friends and I to do some Montana mountain man stuff.

On Wednesday we made our way back to Stratton for the start of 3 weeks of team training here with SMST2. With the exception if Paddy C. the whole team is back together now in the area and everyone is stoked to jump into team workouts. Without much time to settle into VT life the last few days have been super busy with lots of quality training and team meetings.


Sophie bounding up Stratton on Saturday.

The SMS school just graduated as well so club-wide summer workouts will start up this week too with SMSt2 lead workouts a few days a week. To me this is what summer is all about enjoying the quality training around Stratton and of course having fun.


Pikes Falls swimming hole is one of the best places to cool off.

For the next three weeks the whole team will be back together training and making the most of these VT summer days. After having so many rad ‘first time’ experiences over the month of June I’m stoked to settle into the normal training routine, but I think we’ll definitely keep the weekend adventures going.


home-made photo booth. random experience, check.