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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Welcome to the APU Nordic Ski Center’s Elite team blog. APUNSC is focused on Developing US athletes for international competition and promoting cross country skiing in the community. We are excited to share our experiences with you. Enjoy.

Ready to train hard for their goal. May 1 "Start-up" Camp. Skookum Glacier

Ready to train hard for their goal. May 1 "Start-up" Camp. Skookum Glacier

Our 09-10 Team Roster:

Women: Kikkan Randall, Tazlina Mannix, Laura Valaas, Katie Ronsse, Becca Rorabaugh, Kate Arduser, Kasandra Rice, Kate “The Fitz” Fitzgerald, Erika Klaar, and Ky Eiben.

Men: James Southam, Brent Knight, Anders Haugen, Mike Hinckley, Bart Dengel, Mark Iverson, Lars Flora, Peter Kling, Erin Phillips, Don Haering, and Bobby “Killer” Miller.

Coaches of APU Program including Junior, Elite, and Master Programs: Erik Flora, Eric Strabel, Casey Fagerquist, Holly Brooks, Dylan Watts, Rob Whitney, and Charlie Renfro.


What We Believe in…

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

At the core of our philosophy…We train hard and ski a lot! We start on the spring crust, spend the summer on APU’s glacier facility, then take advantage of early snow in October at Hatcher Pass….11 months out of the year. Our average dry land season includes over 2000 kilometers of on snow time.

May Crust Skiing: Women’s Team led by World Champion Silver Medalist Kikkan Randall and Men’s Team led by Olympic-World Championship skier James Southam.


June Glacier Skiing on Eagle: We started a tradition of the first camp being “Classic Only”! The camp was a success with 18-25 hours of classic skiing, 2 interval sessions, 4 speed sessions, and countless hours of video review. Our technique focus is dynamic movement.


July Glacier Skiing on Eagle: Our second camp was focused on building base. Ski volumes increased slightly, but more important is that the number of kilometers in the week increased. Again 18-15 hours with 2 interval sessions, 4 speed sessions, and extensive review of proper recovery method. We are definitely skiing faster everyday!


Train hard. Enjoy