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This past Saturday the APU Nordic Ski Center conducted a ski-a-thon.  No bibs, no money, just a bunch of skiers of all ages who wanted to see how many kilometers we could do individually and as a group.

Our route was the 5k Spencer Loop in Anchorage, which opens with a 1k hill, that allegedly, exceeds FIS limits for climbing on a 5k loop.  The trail then heads over a few more hills to finish it off.  So all the km skied were well earned and earned is soft new snow.  Everyone relished the chance not only to put in a good solid session of skiing but also to achieve our goal of 500 km as a program in a two hour time limit.  Why 500km?  Because that’s about what the APU Elite Team could do in a typical 2 hour session.  We blew right through the 500 km mark and finished with 900 km!

Community is so important.  It is through community we make skiing a part of our lives, we make it culture.

A break down by sub-group:

  • 23 Master skiers completed 355 km in 2 hours. Most skied by two Masters: 25 km!
  • 18 Junior skiers completed 330 km in 2 hours. Most skied by a single Junior: 30 km!
  • 14 Devo (junior development) completed 215 km in 90 min. Most skied by 4 Devos: 20km!
  • 55 skiers through 900 km on tough trail!
  • Over 70,000 vertical feet climbed

Luke out to see how many loops he could lay down

The whole group ready to start

Tired from 4 loops


One Response to “Club Ski-A-Thon”

  1. Jason Lamoreaux Says:

    It was great to see a big bunch of people out on the trails. I worked my way through a good number of them during my workout. All very curteous and looked to be enjoying themselves. A great day of skiing after the rains we went through last week. Winter is back, jump on it!