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Haller retires; Blink Festival Confirms Top Biathletes

– Italian biathlete Katja Haller is adding her name to the list of racers who won’t be back next season, according to Winter Sport News. The 31-year-old is a three-time Olympian with nine World-Cup top-tens to her name.

– Kaisa Makarainen of Finland, Ivan Tcherezov of Russia, Carl Johan Bergman of Sweden, and Miriam Gossner of Germany are among those who will compete at Norway’s Blink summer festival in July. The Norwegian national team is also in, including Emil Hegle Svendsen, Tarjei Bø, Ole Einar Bjørndalen, and Tora Berger, as are the French brothers Martin and Simon Fourcade.

– After the retirements of leading ladies Helena Ekholm and Anna Maria Nilsson, Sweden has rearranged its coaching and team structure. The men’s and women’s “A” teams will be combined and headed by Jonas Johansson. The new “A” team includes Carl Johan Bergman, Fredrik Lindstrom, and Bjorn Ferry, as well as Gabriel Stegmayer, Elisabeth Högberg, Viktor Agestam, Peppe Femling, Emelie Larsson, Daniel Gustafsson, Åsa Lif,  Elin Mattsson, and Tobias Arwidsson.

– The Swiss men’s team started off its season with a ski and hiking tour that criss-crossed the Alps and hit some high peaks, according to ski-nordique.net.

– The Slovenian team, meanwhile, decided the best way to build team spirit would be to spend a lot of time on a boat together, so they did a sailing trip on the Dalmatian Coast.