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East Strong in Skate EHS/J2 Qualifier

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

The best high school skiers in Massachusetts converged today at Weston Ski Track.  On a course that was full of twists and turns the Eastern Mass. skiers represented their home course well.  As one might expect the terrain was relatively flat, with the largest hill on the course, Mount Weston, constructed entirely out of manmade snow.  It was a day where the best results were submitted by those who worked the transitions with power and maintained their speed whenever possible.


A Classic Day for Berkshire Skiers

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

By: Luke Costley

Not so much as a single cloud could blemish the perfect blue sky this morning at Notchview Reservation, indicative of the day’s race and the results the Mount Greylock Nordic Ski team earned. The Mounties went a perfect six for six in today’s race, winning both varsity races, both junior varsity races and both team events. Skiing on Notchview’s picturesque trails, in and out of the woods and across huge open fields, all athletes enjoyed their final classic league race while many prepped for tomorrow’s EHS and J2 qualifier outside of Boston.


The third wave gets started in the girls varsity race at Notchview.


Costley and Hitchcock Lead Greylock

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
The boy's mass start heading out through the wet, sticky snow.

The boy's mass start heading out through the wet, sticky snow.

By: Luke Costley

The Berkshire County League race failed to disappoint yet again on a warm afternoon in soggy conditions at Mount Greylock High School. The Greylock team defended their home turf with pride, taking team honors and sweeping the individual crowns in both the boy’s and girl’s varsity races. The boy’s race was as exciting as ever, with a new leader board once again whereas the girl’s side was routine, but far from boring. A big thank you also has to be made to the Greylock crew who put on a stellar race despite no help from the weather.


Tough Conditions Similar Results

Saturday, January 9th, 2010


By: Luke Costley

Nordic skiing in western Massachusetts presents more adverse conditions than your typical sport, but none more troublesome than a lack of snow and tricky logistics at Mohawk High School. However, as the motto of teams in Berkshire County now may read, the race must go on. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated parents, coaches, officials and an 18-year old golfer, the race course was whipped into shape despite two problematic bridge crossings, some sketchy turns and a stretch of ice that was as much roots as snow. So, by the time the first skier was out of the starting block everything was set to go and an interesting day of classic skiing was there to look forward to.


A Mass Start Finishes as a Red Tide

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

By: Cate and Luke Costley

With a light snow falling, skiers from across Berkshire County converged on Windsor’s Notchview Reservation for the second league race of the year. The dusting of powder from the night before made for soft snow, but to the pleasure of the fans and excitement of the racers, a mass start format was used instead of the typical wave start. Although always slightly nerve-racking, most skiers navigated through the crowds with minor casualties. If unscathed, they were able to proceed along Notchview’s demanding five and a half kilometer course. Both a long course, for primarily varsity and top junior varsity skiers, as well as a short course, for young or inexperienced skiers, was offered, giving a good look at the league’s veterans and it’s up and coming talent.

Divided by a frozen lake the boy's varsity race gets started.  Photo courtesy of Tamara Hitchcock.

Divided by a frozen lake the boy's varsity race gets started. Photo courtesy of Tamara Hitchcock.

In the boy’s race, Wahconah’s senior Kyle Dempsey won for the second week in a row. Taking a reserved approach through the first two-thirds of the course, he didn’t make his move from third place until the final climb. Following his example was sophomore Luke Costley, who hung back in fourth before catching up to Dempsey, passing him, and ultimately being beat to the line in a sprint finish. Rounding out the top five was Terry Fowler, Bill Prescott, and Jordan Tuboly in third through fifth respectively. The Greylock boys also won the team competition. Delaney Pudvar claimed first in the short course.

Mount Greylock's Machenzie Hitchcock takes the lead right from the start.  Photo courtesy of Tamara Hitchcock.

Mount Greylock's Machenzie Hitchcock takes the lead right from the start. Photo courtesy of Tamara Hitchcock.

On the girl’s side, Mackenzie Hitchcock also continued her winning ways, taking first from the very beginning and never relinquishing her lead. Her time of 20:40 was enough to hold off teammate Cate Costley, who returned to the league after missing last week’s race. Brenna Keogh was bumped to third but still put up a solid effort amidst a tidal wave of Greylock skiers. Laura Nolan, Lenox’s Josie Marshall, Amy Santella and Haley Mahar all stayed not far from the top three and will all look to improve their times and places in next week’s classical discipline race. Greylock made it a sweep as they joined the boys in winning as a team. And finally, Greylock’s Alexa Adams won the short course as well.