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‘What the Heck is a Chevron Start’: Berkshire League Racing Continues in Mass

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Mohawk's Brenna Keogh led the girls race from start to finish. Photo: Tamara Hitchcock.

CHARLEMONT, Massachusetts – Once again the Berkshire League was blessed during this snowless winter by the generous support of alpine mountain Berkshire East, who continues to help keep the season going.  This fourth league race, third at Berkshire East, was hosted by the Mount Greylock team who devised a challenging mass start race complete with a chevron start used to create a uneventful embarkment.  Once on course the veterans displayed their skills for four laps, while the newcomers contested for three.


Massachusetts EHS and J2 Team Rosters

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
Congratulations to everyone  who made the EHS and J2 teams and to everyone who participated in the qualifiers.  Massachusetts skiers have been working hard and getting better every year.  This year’s teams will be our best ever.  And to those who didn’t quite make a team, keep working hard, and make it next year.
Mark February 26th on your calendar.  We will have a team training day (with a focus on having fun).  Location to be determined based on where there might be some snow.
Rob Bradlee, Head Coach, EHS Team
Jamie Doucett, Head Coach, J2 Team

2012 Massachusetts J2 Team

2012 Massachusetts EHS Team