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Summer Training

The Berkshire Nordic Ski Club runs a summer training group for a wide level of local skiers.  We currently offer two groups – a Junior group for younger skiers – primarily 7th and 8th grade, and an Elite group for high school and college skiers.  When it comes down to it the BNSC welcomes skiers of all abilities and no matter where you live or who you ski for in the winter our arms are open as long as you bring a passion for Nordic ski training.

BNSC skiers finishing an interval workout over the top of Petersburg Pass.

BNSC skiers finishing an interval workout over the top of Petersburg Pass.

Elite Training Group:

Instruction in ski technique and training methods will be a major focus. It is important that athletes not only learn to train, but how to train. Group workouts will focus on intensity, strength, and technique — three areas that are challenging for individuals training on their own. We will spend at least half of our time on roller skis.

Junior Training Group:

The Junior Training Group focuses on mastering the basic skills of cross‐country skiing, general and ski‐specific fitness, and building a love of the sport and the associated lifestyle. Group workouts will focus on base training, technique, and fun! The Junior Group will join the elite skiers for parts of some workouts – stretching, core exercises, and speedball/soccer.

The Elite Training Group Coaches will oversee the Junior Training Group, attending some practices and working with the Junior coaches to plan and design training.We have not finalized meeting times; we are currently looking into multiple options including having the junior group meet at the same time as the elite group, but only two of the three days per week.

Elite Coaches

Matt Voisin

Matthew Voisin has been skiing his entire life. He went to Mount Greylock where he was a member of three state championship teams and competed for New England in the Junior Olympics. After high school Matt went to the University of New Hampshire where he skied under coach Cory Schwartz for four years, co‐captaining the team his senior year. During his years at UNH Matt polished his knowledge of Nordic ski training, technique, and racing. Since graduating in 2001, he has been coaching at Mount Greylock. Matt’s favorite workout would have to be his Schwartz‐ inspired creative runs . . . good times!

Topher Sabot

Topher Sabot began his competitive ski career in 7th grade at Mount Greylock. After a year off, spent skiing in Norway, Topher attended Williams College, racing varsity all four years. Upon graduating he spent two years coaching Juniors in Jackson, Wyoming. He returned to the East Coast and continued racing, specializing in ski marathons. Topher has raced all over the world, including in Greenland , Iceland, and Norway. He is truly passionate about skiing and ski racing and has finally recognized his addiction. He has opted against treatment and plans on cross‐country skiing until he dies. He recognizes the need for strong development programs for Junior skiers and that coaches can provide the necessary elements and guidance to allow an athlete to reach his or her goals. He also believes that skiing is a life‐time sport and racing is only one component. Ski fast and have fun!

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Training material for Summer 2008 can be found here.

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