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Sometimes opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected ways. The reason I say this is because the few days leading up to our Whistler camp I admittedly lost perspective of what I was trying to accomplish in training and racing. In other words, I was having a bit of a tough time having fun. I started micro-managing every aspect of my training and recovery which left little to no time for balance and fun in life.  And lets be honest, if you chose to be a ski racer in North America and get the opportunity to do it full time your life doesn’t get much better- and this is what I lost grasp of.

The day before we left I wasn’t even sure I would be heading to Whistler for our volume camp. In the spring this was the camp I wanted to be perfect and to go into it with a ton of energy and motivation, unfortunately my plan got a little side tracked. That was until a friend of my boyfriend called and asked if we would like to take a helicopter tour of Canmore and K-Country for free. So of course we jumped on the opportunity, but even as I fastened my seat belt I was still not present in the event that was about to take place. This feeling quickly went away as we pulled further and further away from Canmore, high above the mountains I look up at every single day. For an hour we swooped through the valley’s and by glaciers, waterfalls, and beautiful turquoise lakes. At about 45min into our hour tour I realized that skiing didn’t have to be so hard and if I remembered to take a few steps back every now and then to look at the big picture, I am reminded that I have the opportunity to train in the most amazing place and go after my dream. It just took a helicopter ride to get me to wake up a bit!!!

Thanks to Corey  at Alpine Helicopter Tours!!!

Enjoy the photos!

Perspective, perspective, perspective, perspective, perspective… get the point!


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