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Dryland in the West, and On Snow October 5th!

Monday, October 5th, 2009



Burke Mountain Academy’s schedule is designed around blocks of intensive class room work followed by the opportunity for intensive training camps. This year for our October camp we decided to head west to Idaho, to train with the Sun Valley team, to enjoy the nearly fifty miles of no-motor-vehicles bike path for roller skiing and to hike in moderate altitude. This is the “big trip” for the training season. It certainly hasn’t been a disappointment.

The Team on the way to Griffin Butte

The team on the way to Griffin Butte in Ketchum, Idaho

 Everyone has rented a bike so people are able to move about independently. Our training day often includes riding to the SV team’s hut for strength work and then running or roller skiing from there.


The weather started to turn cold three or four days ago and we awoke yesterday to snow. We gave it a day to dry out and then with quickly “hairied” borrowed gear headed north to Prairie Creek. It was darn good! We skied for two hours through the woods breaking our own trail.


Striding out on the Boulder Mtn Trails on October 5th

Striding out on the Boulder Mtn Trails on October 5th


 All along our path our tracks joined those of a wolf. Great Galloping God, they were big! Once people start to stride out youth and age separate pretty quickly so I usually find myself putting along at the end of the train…the very end by quite a distance. Thinking about how the packs are reputed to zero in on the old and the weak had me shaking in my boots…old, weak, and fat to boot. Tasty. On the receiving end of the old wolf joke; “I don’t have to outrun the wolf. I only have to outrun you!” And everyone had.

I made it though. I skied like Miehto trying to catch Wassberg for about a hundred meters when I heard a stick break in the woods, and Oskar started barking.


Good fun, good camp. Big Thanks to the Sun Valley Team and Rick Kapala.