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Graefnings and Soderman win NCAA 5/10k skate

Maria Graefnings (University of Utah) and Erik Soderman (Northern Michigan University) won the first race of the NCAA competition held at Bohart Ranch in  Bozeman, Montana.

Graefnings won the 5 k skate by an impressive 20 seconds, clocking 14:05.9.   Caitlin Patterson (University of Vermont) was the second place finisher and  Sophie Caldwell (Dartmouth) finished third.

Soderman also won  by an impressive margin; by finishing with a time of 25:20.2 in the 10k skate he took the race by 25 seconds.  Miles Havlick (University of Utah) finished second with a time of 25:24.2  and Sam Tarling (Dartmouth) finished third with a time of 25:53.6.

Dartmouth topped the team scores with a total of 214 points.  The University of Vermont had the second highest team score with 183.  The University of Utah barely beat Montana State for third place, the Uof U tallying a total of 179 points to MSU’s 176.


1  GRAEFNINGS, Maria UU 14:05.9

2  PATTERSON, Caitlin UVM 14:25.8

3  CALDWELL, Sophie DAR 14:31.0

4  GARREC, Lucy UVM 14:31.8

5  BRONGA, Jaime UAA 14:40.8

6  REID, Joanne CU 14:48.4

7  FLOWERS, Erika DAR 14:50.9

8  GLEN, Amy UVM 15:02.8

9  HART, Annie DAR 15:08.1 3

10  SODERMAN, Marie-helen NMU 15:10.5


1  SODERMAN, Erik NMU 25:20.2

2  HAVLICK, Miles UU 25:45.2

3  TARLING, Sam DAR 25:53.6

4  SCHALLINGER, Michael MSU 25:53.8

5  OEDEGAARD, Rune CU 25:57.6

6  SMITH, Didrik UU 26:03.1

7  NORRIS, David MSU 26:03.9

8  PACKER, Eric DAR 26:09.9

9 MARKSET, Kjell-christian NMU 26:10.9

10  REINKING, Tyler MSU 26:12.3


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