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June 18 Daily Roundup: Canada Glacier Skiing

–Chandra Crawford has a photo set on her blog of her team’s trip up to the Haig Glacier. The Canadians are going back and forth between Canmore and the Beckie Scott High Altitude Training Center on the glacier as part of a nearly four week-long camp.

–The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has a University-centric (but still interesting) angle on Bryan Fish’s recent hiring by the U.S. Ski Team.

–New Zealand’s Snow Farm, the summer mecca for the U.S. Ski Team and others, is preparing to fully open for the “winter.”

The Norwegian men’s team is fishing.

–Check out this awesome video of German Olympic medalist Peter Schlickenrieder racing a Pisten Bully.




  1. Sweet pisten bully race. This is even sweeter: Sam concept, but piner vs two dudes on a moter-trike.