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About the Banner

The current banner photo was taken by Ian Case, a former regular on the domestic racing circuit.

Ian’s father has a small Cessna and the pair flew over the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, the site of the 2012 SuperTour Finals, on the Friday before the prologue.

In an email to FasterSkier, Ian wrote:

It is pretty stunning what they have done there – from the sky everything is brown in every direction as far as the eye can see and even the shaded trails around Craftsbury are obviously devoid of any white, so it was pretty incredible to see the ribbon of race course snaking around, and not just a short loop either.

I’m sure you’re well aware of the situation there but somehow seeing it from the air made it more unbelievable and really put in perspective how insane (in a great way) it is that they have been able to succeed with such an undertaking. The day we flew over it was something like 60 degrees and very sunny, as you can tell by the overblown glare on the white areas.

Got to watch the prologue in person on the trails the next day which was fun, but seeing things from the air was more eye-opening than actually being there, in terms of the conditions.

Here are a few more shots.

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  1. Michael Meissner says:

    Pretty amazing amount of work and care to have done what they all did with this course!!

  2. John Caldwell says:


  3. Colyn Case says:

    Hats off to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center and all they are doing to support skiing in the north east!