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Life on Eagle Glacier (APU Elite Training Camp Video)

By Julia Kern
(of the Cambridge Sports Union/New England)
In the beginning of the summer, I headed up to Anchorage, AK to check out APU and train with them. I joined the APU Elite Team on the one and only Eagle Glacier! I have been once on Eagle Glacier before a few years back and was stoked to go again!
For those who have not been up on Eagle Glacier, this video gives a sneak peak on how AWESOME it is! I have to admit, it is not all sunshine all the time. The week we had up there was actually quite wintery with about 3 ft of new snow and complete white-outs, leading us into quite the adventures at times!
One thing is for sure, there is nothing better than skiing on snow in June with some of the fastest skiers out there and with Erik Flora doing it all. His passion and love for the sport clearly shows when he is coaching, grooming, and even building a jump for us in the middle of a white out!
Enjoy the video, feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I love your skiing and your video. Both are best in class. Good work Julia.