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Caitlin Gregg, Sweden’s Johansson Take SuperTour Opening Sprints

Friday, November 29th, 2013
Caitlin Gregg (Madshus/Team Gregg) just before winning Friday's 1.3 k freestyle sprint at the 2013 West Yellowstone SuperTour in West Yellowstone, Mont.

Caitlin Gregg (Madshus/Team Gregg) just before winning Friday’s 1.3 k freestyle sprint at the 2013 West Yellowstone SuperTour in West Yellowstone, Mont.

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. — Caitlin Gregg, newly of Madshus Racing and Team Gregg, dominated one heat after another (plus the qualifier) on Friday, ultimately winning the SuperTour 1.3-kilometer freestyle sprint by a comfortable margin. In the first race of the 2013/2014 SuperTour season, Gregg topped Jennie Bender (Bridger Sk Foundation), who skied to second, and Becca Rorabaugh (Alaska Pacific University), who placed third in the final.

Rounding out the women’s final, Erika Flowers (Stratton Mountain School T2) took fourth, Caitlin Patterson (Craftsbury Green Racing Project) was fifth, and Andrea Lee (University of New Mexico) was sixth.

In the men’s final, Emil Johansson of Sweden’s IK Jarl Rattvik — who’s currently studying at the University of Colorado — pulled off an upset, skiing away from the field and winning by several meters. Reese Hanneman (Alaska Pacific University) and Ryan Scott (Ski & Snowboard Club Vail/Team HomeGrown) duked it out for second, with Hanneman edging Scott by a boot. Scott, the qualifier winner by six-tenths of a second over teammate Sylvan Ellefson, won his quarterfinal and semifinal as well leading up to the final.

Following Scott, Pierre Guedon (University of Denver) placed fourth, Sam Naney (Methow Olympic Development) was fifth, and Dmitriy Ozerskiy (CXC) sixth.

Complete results

Women’s brackets | Men’s brackets

Sweden's Emil Johansson (IK Jarl Rattvik/CU) celebrates his SuperTour victory in Friday's 1.3-kilometer skate sprint in West Yellowstone, Mont.

Sweden’s Emil Johansson (IK Jarl Rattvik) celebrates his SuperTour victory ahead of Ryan Scott (in white) and Reese Hanneman (second from r) in Friday’s 1.3-kilometer skate sprint in West Yellowstone, Mont.

Gregg Fastest Women’s Qualifier; Scott Top Male Qualfier at West SuperTour Skate Sprint

Friday, November 29th, 2013

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. — Caitlin Gregg (Team Gregg/Madshus) came out with a serious fire on Friday morning, posting the fastest qualifying time of 2:55.52 in the women’s 1.3-kilometer skate sprint at the SuperTour opener in West Yellowstone. Unofficially, Gregg won the preliminary round by 2.18 seconds over Becca Rorabaugh (APU), who ranked second, and Anika Miller (Montana State University), who was 2.46 seconds behind in third.

In the men’s 1.3 k skate sprint, Ryan Scott (SSCV/Team HomeGrown) won the qualifier in 2:27.14, edging teammate Sylvan Ellefson by 0.62 seconds. Scott won the SuperTour freestyle prologue in West Yellowstone last year.

After Ellefson in second, Sam Naney (Methow Olympic Development) was third, 2.72 seconds behind Scott.

Live results via Summittiming

Qualifier: women | men

Women’s qualifier top 10

1. Gregg (Team Gregg/Madshus)

2. Rorabaugh (APU)

3. Miller (MSU)

4. Patterson (CGRP)

5. Kemp (SVSEF)

6. Flowers (SMST2)

7. Guiney (CGRP)

8. Bender (BSF)

9. Pokorny (SMST2)

10. McDermott (independent)

Also: 11. Kate Fitzgerald (APU); 15. Hajkova (CU); 20. Fritz (APU)


Men’s qualifier top 10

1. Scott (SSCV/Team HomeGrown)

2. Ellefson (SSCV/Team HomeGrown)

3. Naney (MOD)

4. Davis (SMST2)

5. Guedon (DU)

6. Ozerskiy (CXC)

7. Johansson

8. Vermeer (CGRP)

9. McCrerey (DU)

10. Packer (SMST2)

10. Gelso (SVSEF)

Also: 12. Havlik (SVSEF); 14. Saxton (SMS); 15. Ødegaard (CU); 16. Bjornsen (APU/USST); 19. Schulz (CGRP); 20. Deline (SSCV/Team HomeGrown); 21. Hanneman (APU); 23. Kling (APU); 25. Resaland (University of New Mexico); 26. Gregg (Team Gregg/Madshus); 28. Wolcott (CXC); 29. Knight (Atomic); 30. O’Brien (CGRP)

U.S.A. Strong in Slavic Cup Prologue

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

The focus may be on Italy right now, with the last days of World Championship racing underway, but the U.S. has a strong contingent of skiers on the Continental Cup circuit in Europe.

Three men and five women took to the start line in the 3.3/4k freestyle prologue in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic in a Slavic Cup race.

The American women dominated the event, placing all five skiers in the top eight, led by Kate Fitzgerald, who tied to the tenth of a second for the win with Daniella Kotschova (SVK).

Sophie Caldwell was 3rd, .6 seconds back, Rosie Brennan took 5th, Erika Flowers 7th and Becca Rorabaugh 8th.

In the men’s race, Patrick Caldwell paced the U.S., finishing 4th, 13 seconds behind Jiri Horcicka (CZE).

Eric Packer was 10th and Peter Kling 12th for the Americans.

U.S. coach Bryan Fish wrote in an email that conditions were fast with temperatures right around freezing.

Racing continues on Sunday with a classic pursuit.

Women’s 3.3k Freestyle Prologue Results

Men’s 4k Freestyle Prologue Results

Marshall Places 7th in Scando Cup Classic Sprint

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

The third-fastest female qualifier in Saturday’s 1 k classic sprint, Alysson Marshall (Alberta World Cup Academy) went on to finish seventh in Albu, Estonia, in her first Scandinavian Cup race of the season.

It was also her first classic sprint since the NorAm opener Dec. 10 at Sovereign Lake in British Columbia. After arriving in Albu yesterday, Marshall wrote in an email that she wasn’t too affected by the travel and felt good coming off last weekend’s mini tour in Cantley, Quebec.

“I was ready to go right from the start and skied the various sections well,” Marshall wrote, adding that she was happy with her qualifier. “I was disappointed that I didn’t make the final. I was in 2nd or 3rd the entire semi until the finishing stretch when I was forced into a bad lane and was out-lunged for 3rd at the line.”

Becca Rorabaugh (APU) qualified in 27th and went on to place 27th. Zoe Roy (Rocky Mountain Racers/StellaRacing/XC Oregon) was 35th and Mary O’Connell (Steamboat Springs WSC) was 36th.

In the men’s classic sprint, Canadian Phil Widmer (AWCA) qualified in 25th and went on to place 30.

Mike Sinnott (SVSEF) was 31st, Erik Bjorsen (APU) finished 33rd and Reese Hanneman (APU) was 38th. Other American finishes include: Peter Kling (APU) in 57th, Cole Morgan (SVSEF) in 62nd, Welly Ramsey (MWSC) in 63rd, Forrest Mahlen (APU) in 75th, Michael Vigers (SSCV) in 76th, and Max Christman (Bend) in 81st.

Scandinavian Cup competition continues Sunday with 10 and 15 k classic races.


Women’s Top 10

1.Maria Nysted Groenvoll (NOR)

2. Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes (NOR)

3. Laura Ahervo (FIN)

4. Eva Svensson (SWE)

5.  Astrid Oeyre Slind (NOR)

6. Piret Pormeister (EST)

7. Alysson Marshall (CAN)

8. Elin Mohlin (SWE)

9. Maria Kerko (FIN)

10. Maria Nordstroem (SWE)

Women’s overall sprint results 


Men’s Top 10

1. John Kristian Dahl (NOR)

2. Paal Golberg (NOR)

3. Eirik Lorentsen (NOR)

4. Gustav Nordstroem (SWE)

5. Hans Petter Lykkja (NOR)

6. Lasse Paakkonen (FIN)

7. Juho Mikkonen (FIN)

8. Joergen Braathen (NOR)

9. Timo Andre Bakken (NOR)

10. Siim Sellis (EST)

Men’s overall sprint results


Nishikawa Cracks Top 5 in Scando Cup 30 k

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

At the end of six grueling laps in Thursday’s 30 k freestyle mass start at the Scandinavian Cup in Madona, Latvia, Graham Nishikawa (Alberta World Cup Academy) sprinted with the four top men to the line, placing fifth 0.45 seconds out of first.

Sweden’s Fredrik Karlsson nabbed the victory by 0.2 seconds over teammate Lars Nelson. Norwegians Kristian Tettli Rennemo and Anders Tettli Rennemo were third and fourth, respectively.

After Nishikawa, Mike Sinnott (Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation) was 15th (+1:12.14) and Michael Somppi (NDC Thunder Bay) was 20th (+2:26.67).

Other North American men’s finishes include: 22. Brian McKeever (Foothills), 34. Peter Kling (APU), 44. Ramsey Welly (MWSC), 46. Max Christman (Bend)

In the women’s 15 k freestyle mass start, which also included 198-meters (650 feet) of climbing per 5 k loop, Becca Rorabaugh (APU) was the top North American in 17th. She was 3:37.66 behind Norwegian winner Martine Ek Hagen, who won by more than a minute. Norway swept the top five.

Alana Thomas (Nakkertok) finished 20th  (+3:50.14), and Zoe Roy (Rocky Mountain Racers) was 25th (+4:54.20). In Emily Hannah’s first 15 k, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skier was 26th (+4:55.20).

Men’s 30 k results

Women’s 15 k results