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Koos Sits Out Prologue, Will Miss 15k Classic Due to Illness

Friday, April 5th, 2013

SODA SPRINGS, Calif. — Torin Koos (Bridger Ski Foundation/Rossignol), who sat just behind Mike Sinnott in the SuperTour standings at the beginning of the week, will miss his second straight race of SuperTour Finals due to a sinus issue. He sat out the 3.3 k prologue on Thursday when he wasn’t feeling well and on Friday morning BSF head coach Dragen Danevski reported he would not start the 15 k classic mass start at Auburn Ski Club for stage two in the race series that will factor heavily in determining who goes back to the World Cup next fall as the SuperTour leader.

Danevski said Koos was training on Friday and planned to start the third race, the classic sprint, on Saturday.



Canadian Nationals: Koos Edges McMurtry in 50 k Freestyle Mass Start

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

WHISTLER, B.C. — American Torin Koos outlasted his competitors on the last day of Canadian Nationals at Whistler Olympic Park on Saturday, winning the men’s seven-lap 50 k freestyle mass start by 0.4 seconds over Brent McMurtry of the Alberta World Cup Academy (AWCA).

Koos (Bridger Ski Foundation/Rossignol) completed the course in 2:04.55.2, and McMurtry was the first Canadian and second overall in reportedly his last race as a full-time skier. Kevin Sandau (AWCA) was the second Canadian in third (+1.7), and Brian McKeever of Canada’s Para-Nordic Ski Team placed fourth (+2.1).


Bender, Koos Top Tour de Twin Cities Classic Mass Starts

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Jennie Bender of Central Cross Country (CXC) and Torin Koos (Bridger Ski Foundation/Rossignol) came out ahead of Sunday’s 15 and 20 k classic mass starts at Wirth Park in Minneapolis.

Bender won the women’s 15 k by 6.6 seconds over Rosie Brennan of Alaska Pacific University (APU) in 46:09.9. APU had three in the top four with Kate Fitzgerald placing third (+8.1) and Becca Rorabaugh finishing fourth (+18.4). Caitlin Gregg (CXC) was fifth for her second top 5 in two days (she was third in Saturday’s 5 k skate).

In the men’s 20 k, Koos built on his runner-up result from Saturday’s 10 k, edging Brian Gregg (CXC) by 1.9 seconds in 47:53. Canadian David Greer (Yukon Elite Team) was third (+2.4), Matt Gelso of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation was fourth (+5.3) and Saturday’s winner, Mark Iverson (APU), was fifth (+6.4).

Complete results

Top 10


1. Jennie Bender (CXC) 46:09.9

2. Rosie Brennan (APU) +6.6

3. Kate Fitzgerald (APU) +8.1

4. Becca Rorabaugh (APU) +18.4

5. Caitlin Gregg (CXC) +29.4

6. Clare Egan (CGRP) +1:08.1

7. Raphaela Sieber (UAF) +1:11.8

8. Erika Flowers (SMST2) +1:56.4

9. Alyson McPhetres (UAF) +2:15.5

10. Rebecca Konieczny (UAF) +2:27.1


1. Torin Koos (BSF/Rossignol) 47:53.0

2. Brian Gregg (CXC) +1.9

3. David Greer (YET) +2.4

4. Matt Gelso (SVSEF) +5.3

5. Mark Iverson (APU) +6.4

6. Mike Sinnott (SVSEF) +8.3

7. Karl Nygren (CXC) +11.0

8. Jonas Loeffler (UAF) +13.7

9. Dakota Blackhorse-von Jess (BEA) +15.1

10. Nils Koons (CGRP) +19.0

Diggins and Sinnott Win West Yellowstone Classic Sprint

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

On a challenging course that included a brutal final climb it was Jessie Diggins (CXC/USST) and Mikey Sinnott (SVSEF) who bested a strong field in the classic sprint showdown.

Ladies’ Race:

Diggins time of 4:36.94 was 0.76 seconds faster than Jennie Bender (CXC) who captured second, while Sun Valley’s Nicole DeYong took the final step on the podium in a time of 4:38.17.

1) Diggins, Jessie  (CXC)  – 4:36.94

2) Bender, Jennie  (CXC)  – 4:37.70

3) DeYong, Nicole  (SVSEF)  – 4:38.17

4) Gregg, Caitlin  (CXC)  – 4:39.49

5) Fitzgerald, Kate (APU)  –  4:41.65

6) Klaesson, Linn  (UNM)  – 4:45.60

7) Arritola, Morgan  (SVSEF)  – 4:47.42

8 ) Hajkova, Eliska  (UC)  – 4:50.15

9) Smith, Isabella  (Bend Nordic)  – 4:51.75

10) Rorabaugh, Becca (APU)  – 4:54.18

Men’s Race:

In the men’s race it was Sinnott who put down the fastest time of 3:47.26 with Torin Koos (BSF/Rossignol) just three tenths of a second behind for second.  Canadian Philip Widmer (Alberta World Cup Academy) took home third in 3:48.38.

1) Sinnott, Michael  (SVSEF)  – 3:47.26

2) Koos, Torin  (BSF/Rossignon)  – 3:47.62

3) Widmer, Philip  (Alberta WC Academy)  – 3:48.38

4) Blackhorse-von Jess, Dakota (Bend Endurance Academy)  – 3:49.56

5) Cockney, Jesse  (Alberta WC Academy)  – 3:49.69

6) Bjornsen, Erik  (APU/USST)  – 3:51.82

7) Hanneman, Reese  (APU)  – 3:52.49

8 ) Oedegaard, Rune  (UC)  – 3:53.45

9) Scott, Ryan (MSU)  – 3:53.90

10) Nygren, Karl  (CXC)  – 3:54.49

Unofficial C0mplete Results:

West Yellowstone SuperTour Classic Sprint Showdown

Flora Strides to the Top of the Podium

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Lars Flora took top honors in today’s 15km classic race at the US National Cross-Country Skiing Championships in Rumford, ME over his APU teammate James Southam.  Flora’s time of 43:29 was 18 seconds quicker than that of Southam, who had chipped into Flora’s lead over the final laps of the six lap race.

UAF’s David Norris grabbed the final step on the podium, finishing third in a time of 44:10 with teammate Alexander Treinen another nine seconds back.

Chris Cook (Steinbock Racing) and Torin Koos (MODP) finished 5th and 6th both with a time of 44:28.

Check back soon for a full race report.

Unofficial Results:

US Nationals Classic Sprint Qualification Results – Very Unofficial

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

APU’s Lars Flora sets the fastest time in this mornings soggy sprint qualifications at the US Nationals Championships in Rumford, ME.  Torin Koos, Michael Sinnott, Reese Hanneman and Skyler Davis round out the top five.  These results are not yet sorted so please be sure to look at the ‘overall’ column.

More to come.

US Nationals Mens Unofficial Sprint Qualification

Koos Getting His Bike On

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

What do you do for your cooldown when there is no skiing to be had after your sprint qualification?  Well you grab your mountain bike?  And look for some good mud (easy to find, unfortunately) to park your trainer in.

Torin Koos - cooling down on the bike at US Nationals.

Koos 2nd In Norwegian Sprint Race

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Former US Ski Team member Torin Koos (MOD), finished 2nd in a freestyle sprint race in Norway on Saturday.

Koos qualified in 11th, just .01 seconds of another international skier, Andrew Musgrave of Great Brittain, before placing 2nd in each of his heats, including the final.

22-year-old Sindre Wiig Nordby (NOR) quaified first and won each of his heats on the way to the overall victory.

Frigid temperatures, just above the legal limit resulted in a large portion of the field dropping out.

According to, race organizers reported that over half the field withdrew to the cold.

Ånund Lid Byggland and Tomas Northug, who qualified 2nd and 3rd respectively, did not start the heats.

The race did not feature an elite international field, with Koos and Musgrave the by far the most experienced skiers in the A-Final, though there were several promising young Norwegian sprinters.

Both Nordby and Martin Hammer,who placed 5th, each have a single World Cup start, both qualifying for the heats.

Musgrave placed 4th overall.

Despite temperatures just above legal limits, a majority of athletes opted to sit out Sunday’s distance races.

Race organizer Bjørnar Bakken told that the race would never have been held if the temperature was too low.  While he respected the decision of many athletes to skip the start, he was not pleased that officials came under criticism for running the event, reiterating that they were merely following the FIS rules.

Nearly all the junior skiers withdrew form the distance event, and them senior women’s and men’s races were down to eight and 49 respectively.

Veteran Odd-Bjorn Hjemlseth (NOR) won the men’s 10km classic, by 2.8 seconds over Niklas Dyrhaug (NOR).  Tomas Northug (NOR) was 5th, +25.8 and Musgrave 8th, +31.4.

Other notable finishers included Ole-Marius Bach (NOR) in 4th and Morten Eilifsen (NOR) in 6th.

Koos was not scheduled to start.

A Fierce Chase to Finish the Season–Mini-Tour Standings for Final Stage

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

With one stage to go in the SuperTour Finals, the script for the men’s race could not have been written much better. Two sprinters will get a significant head start up the hill climb, but the gap could easily get closed by the two distance skiers behind.

On the women’s side, Kikkan Randall (USST) has 90 seconds over Rebecca Dussault (CXC). That seems like enough, but Dussault is also a strong climber and fierce competitor, and Randall has had a long two weeks.

SuperTour Mini-Tour Standings After Two Stages


1. Andy Newell (USST), 27:48

2. Torin Koos (USST), +:14

3. Ivan Babikov (Canada), +1:20

4. Lars Flora (APU), +1:21

5. Brent McMurtry (Canada), +1:22


1. Kikkan Randall (USST), 22:36

2. Ida Sargent (CGRP, not competing Sunday), +1:11

3. Rebecca Dussault (CXC), +1:30

4. Holly Brooks (APU), 1:42

5. Kristina Strandberg (XC Oregon), 2:11

Eurosport-Style Footage of Men’s SuperTour A-Final; Finish Line Photo

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

A group of high school students in Madawaska put together some great footage of Saturday’s SuperTour men’s classic sprint A-final, including a slo-mo shot of Torin Koos stretching for the win over Andy Newell. When was the last time you saw video like this of a ski race in the U.S.? (Note–don’t give up on the video after the first shot of the finish–there’s a slo-mo clip from a different angle coming up.)

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

We also got a shot from the finish line camera, courtesy of Summit Timing Systems’ Ben Page. This is no ordinary camera–it takes one thousand frames per second of a single vertical line of pixels AT the finish line. So you’re not actually seeing an image of Newell and Koos at the finish–you’re seeing the relative positions of their ski tips, then boots, legs, bodies, etc. Kind of mind-boggling, but worth spending a minute trying to wrap your mind around.

Koos edges Newell in the men's sprint final in Madawaska with a well-timed lunge. Photo courtesy of Summit Timing.

Huge baller international ski journalist Nat Herz also got a great shot of Torin Koos and Andy Newell in their drag race to the finish–check it out below.

Probably could sell this for a lot of money as an impressionist painting...