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I have been MIA from the blog scene for a few months, my apologies.  Not that I have a shortage of things to write about really, just a self imposed exile to recharge my batteries after years of Nordic life. I have actually had a busy summer, I am involved with a start-up bike touring company up here in Aroostook County.  Things are going well so far, we planned a modest start this year anyway and have all the growing pains of any small business, but we are surviving and have plans to grow next summer.   I still find time to train and am working towards my goal of not embarrassing myself at the Rumford Nationals next year on my home course.  I have had to change my training around a little to accommodate the other things going on in my life, but have found that it is a nice change.  When the mind comes around to training after having focused on other stuff for awhile, it always seems to be fresh and ready to go.  I get in all the things I need every week, just modified a little.

Last weekend I got talked into a long bike ride across the state of Maine.  Every summer Von Perry and Mike Smith from Presque Isle do a Fort Kent to Kittery ride.  It is a 390 mile ride, across the length of the state.  They have done the ride in four days and as little as three, but for some reason this year got it in their heads that they were going to do the ride in two days.  We left Fort Kent early Friday morning and had a fantastic ride to Brewer.  205 miles went by no problem with a strong tail wind the whole way.  We started our grind across Route 1 early the next morning and stopped for coffee in Bucksport.  Things got a little dicey after that.  The heat started raging and a headwind picked up around Damariscotta, and the famous Route 1 traffic got going.  By Yarmouth all three of us were starting to drag a little.  At this point my usual OD feeding plan went out the window and the last fifty miles I got by on a curious cocktail of salt and vinegar chips, V8 juice, and ibuprofen.    We did end up making it to the Portsmouth Bridge in Kittery, although the last few miles we rode in the dark.  The next morning I woke up with welts on the underside of my ass the size of Clif bars.

Fort Kent


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