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Flashback to the Early Days & Keene Hill Via Cascade & Porter Mountain

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
Vintage Exel Rollerski

Vintage Exel Rollerski

Over 20 years ago I had an obsession with the Keene Hill in Lake Placid.  Some days I would literally go up that hill three to five times between Rollerskiing and Cycling.   Until I became stupid enough to rollerski down it. I  had to arrange a ride or hitchhike to the bottom.  

I actually even rollerskied down it on Exel classic rollerskis. Remember those long 3 wheeled skis with large plastic wheels with strips of hard rubber on the outside??
Why did do this, especially since I did not even train regularly on those vintage early 80 classic rollerskis
It was because Lake Placid Legend had it that Craig Ward had done  it.  Of course I had to take the challenge.
It was a blast around 40 MPH on a pair of rickety skis that wouldn’t track straight for all of the the Saudi’s Riches.  Constantly taking little steps like a tap dancer on speed all the way down Keene Hill by myself. With the biggest grin on because I was doing it and escaping death with every passing second.
Now the Jacked Up workout.
Drive or Bike to  the Cascade Trail head. Run up Cascade and Porter Mountain come down from Porter over Blueberry to Marcy Field in Keene, NY. Of course carrying ski boots and rollerskis in backpack.  Quick change onto  the skis and  then skate back up the Keene Hill to your Bike or Car at the Cascade mountain

Vintage EXEL Rollerski

Vintage EXEL Rollerski

trail head.

Awesome workout no need for car and you can waste a couple of hours doing something fun and unique.