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Over the last several years, as we have worked to expand and improve our coverage of the Nordic sports, we have become ever more reliant on athletes and coaches, both from here in North America, and from around the world.

In major professional sports, dealing with the media is part of the job and par for the course. But in skiing, that has not always been the case. Before the advent of web-based journalism, skiing received almost no coverage in daily print publications. This meant that races were not reported in a timely fashion, and demands on athletes and coaches were commensurate with the level of coverage.

Things have changed as digital technology has increased reach and accessibility. Before cell phones, Skype and email, contacting racers on the road was next to impossible. Now they are rarely out of reach.

At FasterSkier, we spend quite a bit of time on the phone – the best way to get the story is from those who are part of it – and the cooperation and professionalism of elite skiers and coaches have allowed us to do this work.

While the top tier may be expected to talk with the media, there is no requirement to be overly forthcoming, honest, and easy to work with. Yet almost without exception, that has been the case.

Racers and coaches alike take our calls around the world, often within 30 minutes of completing a competition. And on the domestic level we have experienced much the same, despite often challenging connectivity.

Most whom we talk to recognize the importance of journalism for the sport, and while they may not agree with everything we write, they know it is critical that the story be told.

This is a major part of growing the sport – a piece that if neglected, would negate some of the benefits of top results, clinics, school visits, and other outreach efforts.

So thank you to all who are willing to talk, and for regularly making the work of a ski journalist a pleasure.