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Spring Cleaning

Spring marks the official start of the new training year. Like old shoes, we throw out the worn down muscles and memories of seasons past and start anew with fresh bodies and minds. The month of May offers a clean slate etched with bigger and better goals and a plan to try and reach them. My spring cleaning this year included some much needed rest and active recovery both in Montana and at the beach with Andy along with some exciting new changes to training.

1. Making Muscles

Excited to be trying a slightly different type of muscle making this year

Making muscles has never come easily to me and after a few years of marginal results I decided to make some changes. Although strength has been one of my big goals for the past two years, I have a lot of room to grow (literally) and decided that I needed something different.  I hired a coach and much of my May revolved around protein, nursing sore muscles and then building them back up again. I am thrilled to be working with an awesome coach, John, based out of Altitude Athletics in Bozeman and to feel like I am actually making progress towards my massive muscle goals. Stay tuned for progress 🙂

2. Spring in the West

Springtime training with Anya and the biscuit lovers

In the past I have jumped all over in the spring, splitting time between Vermont, Boston, and Montana and adding in a few trips to visit friends and family. This year I needed a good travel break and was lucky to spend an entire month at home in Bozeman! Montana is definitely my happy place and I took advantage of the mountains for some snowy adventures, spring fishing, hikes and runs, and good times with the fam.

From snow….

Spring crust cruise in Yellowstone


Hitting the lifts for a day at Big Sky
Trading lifts for leg power during some backcountry adventuring
That in between season

To Spring!

Checking out the boiling river in Yellowstone
Hiking with Finn!


Fishing with Papa Flow


Afternoon run on the river while visiting my aunt and uncle in Missoula
Pretty psyched to be home!

3. Bend

I’m a Bend newbie. Despite growing up out West, I had never traveled to Oregon until this spring. Bend is like an adult playground. Ski trails and snow fields cover the spring mountains but ample sunshine and dry temps give way to an endless network of running and biking trails in the valley. Not to mention whitewater kayaking, a play-wave downtown and Uh-Mazing food. Anne H., Pat and I jumped at the opportunity to travel to Bend for some spring training on snow. We joined our other SMS teammates for two weeks of serious volume training.

Crust cruising!

I also made the switch to Salomon skis this spring! I am really excited to represent Salomon. They have been one of my longest and most loyal sponsors and are an amazing company to work with.  I truly believe in their brand and the quality of their skis, boots and performance-based products. I am so excited to be on the full Salomon set-up and had the chance to test out some new boards in Bend!

Loving the new Salomon skis!!!
Classic speeds in Bend on the new skis! (Steve Fuller-flyingpointroad.com photo)

Over the course of 12 days we skied nearly 30 hours and put in almost 45 hours of training! We also owe a huge thank you to Hilary Garret and her husband Stu who graciously hosted us during our time in Bend!

Leading girls in some burpees for Fast and Female Bend edition (FlyingPoint Road photo)
Getting our plank on


Searching for waterfalls


Bend is beautiful!

After Bend camp, most of the team returned to Stratton to begin official SMS training. Andy and I also took a quick trip to Burlington for the Special Olympics. Andy was a keynote speaker for the event and we both helped in the Athlete Village on Saturday. The athletes show true courage in each and every event, throwing their heart and soul into the competition with a smile on their face. I was thrilled to take part and share in their enthusiasm and pure love for sport.

Podium ceremony for the 50 meter dash


Inspiring performances

Every training year and season is different but so far I am especially excited about some of my new “shoes” and can’t wait to see how they race later this year 🙂 Thanks for checking in!

Trying on some new shoes