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Days of the Week: A Definitive Ranking

And on Sundays…we adventure run!

Unconfined by the traditional Monday-Friday, 9-5 grind, the “workweek” takes on a whole new meaning for skiers. A regular training schedule offers a certain flexibility and freedom many office dwellers envy. However, we are never “not working.” Unlike a more traditional occupation, where work stops at the door, nearly everything we do is a part of our job from the actual training to sleeping and even eating. Fridays mark the beginning of a mini training block rather than the end of a week and Mondays bring a welcome day of rest.

Sundays and Mondays become the best fishing days
By the end of June in Stratton, the entire team is in full-on training mode. The line between weekends and weekdays blur and training “blocks” define our “workweek.” The days of the week take on different personalities and Friday no longer reigns as the crowd favorite. From a skier’s perspective I give you a definitive ranking…(and a peek into our last few weeks of training!)

#7 Monday: The Off Day

Monday falls at the bottom of my ranking list. Monday is technically an “off” day, reserved for resting, recovering and recharging. During the middle of the week, when intervals leave my legs tired and my head craves a few extra hours of sleep, I often find myself really looking forward to Mondays. But as soon as Monday hits, I realize why I hate them. Something always feels off and slightly out of whack. Without the scheduled training to break up the day, I start to feel antsy and the lack of endorphins doesn’t help my mood. I have yet to perfect the “off” day routine (or lack thereof) but have found that a mix of yoga, swimming and pancakes seems to help. Regardless, Mondays are definitely last on my list. Also not pictured….many hours of me sitting behind the computer doing work….
Trying to embrace the off day with some creative break-fasting courtesy of Andy


Staying busy by taking down trees at Andy’s Cabin
#6 Tuesday: Stretch It Out
After a day of resting, my body initially resists the inevitable return to training. Despite my best efforts to will my legs into motion, the first speeds of the day feel like running through quicksand. Tuesdays are the workout equivalent of a warm-up, like the first few minutes of a run when your legs are still screaming at you to “take off your shoes and return to your car immediately!”
Annie and I getting limber on a Tuesday
#5 Friday: Halfway
Friday marks the halfway point of the week. Your body has already had a good dose of training but the “meat” of the week still lies ahead of you. On a good week, Friday feels awesome… but on a bad week, Friday can really test you.
Sometimes Friday takes a little extra focus
#4 Wednesday: Feeling Good
Wednesday has all the energy of a Tuesday without the rustiness that comes from an off day. After a little wake-up from Tuesday’s speed session and an afternoon in the weight room, Wednesday just feels good! Maybe not the most exciting day of the week, but Wednesdays also mean pizza night at J.J. Hapgood’s which definitely boosts Wednesday’s ranking.
Nice midweek cruise with Annie
#3 Saturday: Home Stretch
Although Saturdays often require a taxing combo of intensity and strength, the day leaves you feeling accomplished. Make it through Saturday and most of the week’s work is behind you with just one Sunday session left.
Working my way through Saturday


Pre-strength ski agility


A recent Saturday workout: The always painful uphill run test. I was psyched to feel a bit speedier this time of year but am looking to set a new PR by the end of the summer! Check out the blog I wrote for the team for more on Time-Trialin’
#2 Sunday: Sunday Funday
Most Sundays include one big adventure workout-a longer over distance session that tests your endurance and efficiency while also producing ample endorphins.  The longer workout time, usually upwards of 3 hours, also requires a post-workout donut and lemonade. Win-win-win. With training done by midday and a full afternoon and day of rest ahead, Sundays are the Fridays of a traditional workweek.
Andy and I ran up Camel’s Hump this past Sunday for a fun finish to 3 big weeks of training


Annie getting attacked by bugs while the rest of us enjoy another sunny Sunday OD.  Steffi Boehler, ski racer on the German national team and USST coach Matt Whitcomb joined us for a roller-ski run combo around Stratton Mountain.
#1 Thursday: The Good Hard
Although many may disagree with this choice, I absolutely LOVE Thursdays. My love for Thursday started in elementary school. Classes dismissed at noon on Thursday making way for an entire afternoon of non-academic adventures. Thursdays at Stratton typically include a morning interval session followed by agility and strength in the afternoon. The Thursday intensity falls late enough in the week that your body has adjusted to the training load and is ready to go, but early enough in the week that the you still have good energy and some pop in the legs. Thursday is that perfect “hard in a good way” workout, the one that leaves you feeling accomplished both at your effort and the outcome.
Sophie and Andy ski walking up Stratton for some L3 intensity last Thursday
When everything syncs up you just feel good!  L3 /threshold skate intensity with the girls squad


Afternoon agility with the Stratton juniors before strength. Getting those hops!
Looking for a lot more Thursdays out there this summer 🙂 And if you visit, maybe don’t come on a Monday.