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The Fall Freight Train


 (Matt Whitcomb photo)
And then it was November. Fall for a skier seems to speed by like a freight train, barreling its way towards the start of the season and mocking the longer, slow days of summer left handily in the distance. Short, fast intervals largely replace the lengthy distance sessions of July and August and the gym looks like a field of bunnies, athletes literally hopping through workouts to build explosiveness and quickness. Fall came and went and in the last eight weeks I wrote exactly zero blogs. So what did you miss? A quick re-cap of all the things that got me to November…
  1. Erika embraces all things pumpkin spice
  2. Erika goes to NYC
  3. Erika makes a magazine for women!
  4. Erika skis on snow
  5. Erika becomes a strength coach
  6. Erika can’t breathe
  7. Erika makes gains
  8. Erika gets published
  9. Erika says yes to the dress
  10. Erika returns to Vermont for stick season
Erika embraces all things pumpkin spice
After returning from New Zealand Fall was in full swing in Vermont. Although a Western girl at heart, Vermont may be the most magical place to be during September and October.
Traveling to Vermont in the fall is totally worth it…if only for the apple cider donuts!


Erika goes to NYC
After a few solid weeks of training in Stratton, I took a quick trip to NYC to visit with some of my best friends from elementary school! Fortunately these girls were up for anything and accompanied me on some runs, a Soul Cycle class and to the gym for some explosive strength! We used our new found hops to work on the classic skier “jumping photo.” Getting there… 🙂
Montana girls take on NYC


Perfect day on the Brooklyn Bridge
Erika makes a magazine for women!
Over the last few months, my former teammate (but forever friend) Annie Pokorny and I have been working on an online publication and movement for women that combines the best of Outside Magazine and Glamour. We pitched the prototype, WANDER, to a panel of “Sharks” at the annual Women’s Sports Foundation Leadership Conference in October! The full publication and platform is in the works but in the meantime you can check out what’s to come HERE. I will definitely share more details on this later but we have some exciting things in the works for next year. Share your e-mail on the website to stay updated on all things WANDER.

Erika skis on snow 
From New York City I headed West to Montana with Andy for a few days before our annual altitude camp in Park City, UT.  We even got a enough snow to take out the rock skis!!! Plus we have a new puppy at home which always makes playing in the snow more fun 🙂


Meet Kell!



Erika becomes a strength coach
One of my favorite parts of Park City Camp is the annual Fast and Female event at the Center of Excellence. This year Annie and I took charge of the strength station and created a 100 rep challenge for the girls to break a sweat and build some muscles!


Erika can’t breathe

The annual Park City camp brings together top athletes from around the U.S. for some final training preparations before the start of the race season. Despite the lack of oxygen in Park City, I eventually adjusted to the thinner air and embraced 3 weeks of quality training in alongside athletes from the the USST, APU and the Green Team.

Run in the high mountains!


Intervalling, cheering and dancing all at the same time
Erika makes gains

Big gains for the camp this year included double pole technique and striding, learning to breathe at altitude, skating with speed, plus some good old fashioned fitness building.

Cruising up East Canyon during some classic intervals (Matt Whitcomb photo)


Holding on for dear life behind Kikkan in a skate sprint simulation. Turns out the #mombod is something to look forward to 🙂


Duking it out with Annie during our skate sprint TT


Erika gets published
If you haven’t heard of CrossCountry Skier Magazine (or even if you have), it’s worth giving them a look. Recently purchased by Height of Land Publications, the magazine is looking to bring a fresh perspective to the world of cross-country skiing enthusiasts and build interest by sharing unique stories and undiscovered places and people. I was thrilled to contribute to their first issue and have my name published for the first time in print! Check out their site to subscribe.


Erika says yes to the dress
Quick trip to California to find THE DRESS! Huge shoutout to this crew for making it happen 🙂

Erika returns to Vermont for stick season
It’s not winter here yet… but hopefully the leaves will give way to snow in the next few weeks! And for now we’ll enjoy the sunshine 🙂



Putney Mountain with Elizabeth…snow dancing!

And one last puppy shot as a reward for reading this far.