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Often, traveling across the country for ski races can seem like an oddly counter-productive endeavor; Fairbanks always has snow, and everywhere else? Not guaranteed…. So, being a ski racer, the question naturally arises:

Why am I spending a considerable chunk of time and resources to leave someplace with trails that look like this:


for someplace that looks like this:



Minutes later, I was slightly reassured when I re-evaluated the Bozeman groundcover and found it to be possibly sufficent:


As long the snow is deeper than the cow-pies are tall, I should be able to hop the barbed wire and poach a few of those fields.

But traveling allows you see and experience things that you never would at home; including things you never, ever want to experience. Possibly the last thing I want to read as Im looking at a picture of two gas-station burritos.


The marketing guru beind this sign shouldnt be getting his Christmas bonus.

FAST is in Yellowstone on Monday.

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  1. Will Coleman Says:

    you should send the above picture to failblog