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This morning we did a good Lev III session. As usually Tyson’s self control only lasted for the first three intervals then he busted loose on the final interval. Later we waxed some skis and now the team is surfing the web and watching SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob is having a cook-off with King Neptoon.

Tonight’s project is to tape up a Taylor Swift poster over our coach’s bed. This may put the poster in risk of getting torn up. Reese already has the AK flag up on the hotel door so after tonight all the necessary tagging should be complete.


Here are some pics of the no shave November progress:

Tyson-November plus some

Tyson-November plus some






 Maybe Coach Bill and I can produce some pictures of our no shave-west trip. Sadly because of an important interview with General Electric for the position of CEO, I had to shave during November. Or maybe some weaker reasons, but that ok.

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3 Responses to “Da Stone 1”

  1. Uncle Brian Says:

    Hey! Quit embarassing the family! Grow a REAL beard!

  2. Werner Says:

    hey hey hey! at least I am way ahead of my roomate!

  3. Stormin Normin Says:

    Werner, please don’t tell me you’ve been trying to grow that since the start of November :S That’s just sad. lol.