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Today the Yellowstone Ski Rendezvous opened with a 1.6ish kilometer Classic sprint prologue. D Norris posted the most exciting result with an 11th place finish, ahead of many big names. Over all FAST was happy with their results. The unofficial results can be found here. We are all super excited for the two upcoming races on Friday and Saturday.

Do you think you know FAST? Each one of us has brought or purchased items on this trip that characterize the owner. Can you tell who has brought what? Choices are

1) David 2) Reese 3) Tyson 4) Werner


Section A contains

  • Multi-vitamins
  • Black Oakley Radar sunglasses
  • Taylor Swift poster
  • Metal Mulisha T-shirt


Section B contains

  • Skippy peanut butter
  • Wheat bagels
  • Squished Rode Violet tube
  • White Electric “Stunna shades”
  • Orange tinted Spy eyeware
  • Reading glasses
  • Toko Tape
  • Salami bag
  • Start MFW kick wax


Section C contains

  • Pink Oakley Radar sunglasses
  • Fluorescent yellow and green Oakley Jawbone sunglasses
  • Purple and Green “The Joker” Scarf
  • Maroon and Gray Scarf
  • E’ Klar “Tech” head wear
  • E’ Klar Headband


Section D contains

  • Skida “Block” head wear
  • Orange Spy eyewear
  • Raspberry Emergen-C
  • Crown Royal bag
  • Airborne formula
  • Echinacea (organic!)
  • Zinc mineral
  • Soft and Firm pillow tags
  • Purell with Aloe
  • Purell

Feel free to post what you believe are the answer to the quiz are. Results will be posted tomorrow.



Thought to be a loyal Madshus fan, Tyson was seen last night at the holiday inn with Fischer’s newest ski. I think this answers Steinbock Racing’s inquiry on November 21st around 6:24 pm on Twitter.


Happy thanksgiving to all! Check out our blog tomorrow, as Tyson will have some explaining to do…

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5 Responses to “Da Stone 2: Results, whos who?, Tyson!”

  1. Logan Hanneman Says:

    Oh goodness! Tyson has made the switch I see. Great Job today boys! DEATH OR GLORY

  2. Jacob Remington Says:


  3. FAST Mom Says:

    (A) Werner
    (B) David
    (C) Reese
    (D) Tyson

    Happy Thanksgiving Boys!

  4. Mishelle Says:

    The sunglasses give it all away. A-Werner, B-Tyson, C-Reese, D-For David. Hope you boys have a good Thanksgiving. Mom says to practice more or go wax your skiis because you obviously have too much time on your hands.

  5. Uncle Jim Says:

    a= werner
    b= david
    c= reese
    d= tyson

    what does the winner get as
    prize $?