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Happy Thanksgiving- Today was an amazing day for testing skis and getting set for tomorrow. My first realization for the day was that the racing tomorrow is going to be awesome.


Everyone seems ready to rock, even my bro who came down from Bozeman, and I think we are all looking good. Well after a rough night with the hole ski I am not sure what to say. They did not perform as well as I was hoping. I had to explain to my Madshus that it was just a one night thing and everything seems ok now and we are ready to race in the skate race tomorrow. I also think that the hole needs to be bigger on the fischers and maybe a bit stronger as well.

hole skiThe hole ski leads me to my second realization that a ski does not need to have holes in it to make it amazing.

As we were eating Thanksgiving dinner tonight I realized that it was one of the great meals of the year.


Also as we were eating I realized that real men can use straws.


My final realization of the day was that Darth Vader is in fact related to an elevader-(elevator) because of the close resemblance in names. Keep on keepin on—-

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2 Responses to “Da Stone 3: Realizations”

  1. Logan Hanneman Says:

    Those better not be my hole skis!! Gross

  2. Werner Says:

    Logs, the funny this is…