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Last night, we got a free tour of the Yukon College to go along with the pasta dinner they provided us. While it is hard to be critical of anything that is free AND offers food, this was just too rediculous… the hyper-zealous tour guide was a little too into showing us un-interested skier brats the “ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS FACILITIES THAT THEY HAVE HERE”… Im pretty sure my inner city (if Fairbanks has an inner city) high school had way more tricked out “facilities”, and about 100 times the students. But during the tour, I found what I am going to name my first-born: 


“Little Johnny, little Billy, meet Unikkaaqatigiit”


 The tour guide suggested that we all visit the school bookstore, because they were having a 30% off sale. I was delighted to find that they have a great selection of water for sale:

Today was the fourth race of the week. 

Final race of the season? Check… It was weird lining up for the skate sprint today here in Whitehorse, knowing that it was my last time sporting a bib for the season. It seems like just yesterday, or at least the day before, that I ABSOLUTELY COULDNT WAIT TO GO TO YELLOWSTONE!!!!!!! 

Today I found myself thinking “okay, this is the last one of the year, so this is for all the marbles”, which is dumb, because like it or not, its always for all the marbles! Yes, even a local town race with seven other racers and actual paper bibs, is for all the marbles. Tyson and I ended up hitting the wax dead on… Ok fine, it was a skate race, and it was fresh snow, and Toko wax has an insane working range… but hey, I felt significant having “tested” (one color of JetStream), found it to work great, and applied it myself!!! 


Yeah, Im pretty much a wax master… check out our sweet custom sign! And yes, that is a Punisher skull


Points of interest on the day included: 

A two lap, spiraling sprint course that GPS’ed out to be exactly 1000 meters… 

I was told after my prelim that at lap one, I was in a 8-way tie for 33rd (qualified 2oth)… 

Chandra Crawford raced her heats in her full warmup kit… 

Pete Kling making the most erratic maneuvers I have even seen… 


As it played out, Tyson and I both got 2nd in our Quarters, and then I just missed the A-final with a 4th in my Semi. So we were both in the B-final, and I ended up 9th overall and Tys in 11th.

So far, the weather has been great and the trails super. They actually have some big (ger) hills/mountains here, and the landscape hovers around treeline.

A few more days here, and at least one more blog post, so check back!

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