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Whitehorse is an interesting settlement… I say settlement because it still has that wild, tough, Western feel to it. While the weather was exceedingly nice for the week of races, it is obvious that it can be harsh here. It is, afterall in the middle of the desolate Yukon territory, the only significant town for who knows how many hundreds of miles.

 But luckily, there are still signs of refined class here, like this joint (pun intended):

And there are also signs of totally unrefined, raw-edged, boonie stomping. Who carries dog sleds around on their Subarus?

Yesterday was the final races of the Canadian Championships, the mens 50 and womens 30. While neither Tyson or I raced, we did get quite a workout in feeding some racers. Here, the mens lead pack deals with the first go-round of The Scoop, one of the higher speed turns I have seen:

Tyson and I were feeding Brent Knight, who showed his amazing distance skiing by protagonising the lead pack that shelled Kuhn, Goldsack, Grey, and other headliners. It was a little confusing with Canadian Brent McMurtry also in there, with nearly everybody yelling for one Brent or another. Luckily, he was in the monotone blue, and ended up with a solid 6th:

I did notice one peculiar paradox there at the race venue. While the parking facilities were some of the best I have ever seen at a major race, the actual skill of those doing the parking left much to be desired:

Ans yes, it was parked like that all day.

One of the highlights of the trip was the suit that Rhonda Jewett was rocking in the 30k. I would say that this is in my personal Top 2 Suit Designs EVER!!! category. I dont know what suit is in the second spot, but it can’t be better than this one:

As we began our drive back to Fairbanks, another realization came to me. The gas pumps in Canada are archaic!! Some of them have huge signs saying “SELF SERVE”, but this just means that there aren’t actual human attendants who literally pump the gas by hand (as we did experience a few times). After nine days spent in Canada, not once did we NOT walk inside to pay for gas. Just a thought. This was the most advanced pump we saw there:

Oooh, digital readouts! Fancy!

And with that, our trip to Canadian Nationals comes to a close.

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