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Erich skis to a solid 6th in J2 A Final.

FAST flew down with a small but strong crew for Besh Cups 3 and 4 in Sodotna last weekend.  Leaving Fairbanks at -38 was easy and landing in Kenai at +22 on Friday was even better. The 3″ or 4″ of fresh snow made for some hard work on Saturday’s sprint, but trails were firm by Sunday.

Waxing so furiously that we're a blur.

The loyal opposition, APU, waxing in Darth Vader masks.

Mikko double poles on the flat in the qualifiers.

Tristan in J3 A Final

Skiers scramble up the headwall in J3 A Final.

Erich prepares for J2 Semifinal.

Game face on, Kuba readies for his semi.

Kuba takes 4th, best classic finish yet!

The end result for the weekend, Mikko did not qualify in the sprint and we later found out that he had mono. So there’s next year.
Tristan had his best two Besh races as a J3 and was 4th in the classic sprint and 4th in the 3K freestyle.
Meanwhile, Erich and Kuba improved mightily on last year’s classic sprint results, when they barely made the B final. This year’s 6th and 4th respectively were very solid. And the best was on Sunday when Erich eked out a 2nd place in the 5K freestyle, just 0.7 sec (a ski length) ahead of Kuba who was 4th. Tight race!
Great trip and a nice respite from the deep freeze. Now that things are warming to humane temperatures (about  0 +/-5 degrees), we are looking forward to Besh 5 and 6. Nothing like home turf in the cold and on the hills.

May the FAST skiers soar like eagles for the rest of the season!

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