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Mid Atlantic Reports on Classic Sprints

The Mid-Atlantic team had a great day on Monday coming away with gold in the J2 boys race by Steve Mangan of Honoeye-Falls, NY in his first JO appearance. This is a big result for Mid-Atlantic, as the last individual Junior National victory for the New York team was when Lowell Bailey (now on the US Biathlon team and skied to an 11th place World Cup finish last week) won the sprint at the 2000 Junior Olympics in Jackson, NH. Carly Wynn of Queensbury, NY also had an impressive day qualifying 18th in the J2 sprints and working her way up to 6th place in the A final. We are looking forward to the east-coast conditions for the Freestyle race tomorrow.


Steve Mangan (Mid-Atlantic) and Scott Patterson (Alaska) at the “flower” cow bell cermony

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