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Skiing in the Extremes, From +100 to -4 (Video)

By Julia Kern (Cambridge Sports Union)

A run in the woods, followed by Alex’s famous strength and core workout on a Friday evening at 98° F, topped by an OD roller ski on Saturday morning at 100° F; what makes such a teenage life fun? The one and only CSU team of course. This heat wave reminded me of the other extreme, the CSU Senior Nationals trip to Soldier Hollow five months ago with temperatures at the racing limit. Watching the video we made (Produced by Zoe Snow and I), served as a perfect cool down after the roller ski. While it was replaying, I realized how fortunate I am to have a team with such a contagious atmosphere. As cross country skiers, we really enjoy living in the extremes and pushing limits because we are in it together, the athletes, the coaches and the parents.

Warning: This video might be contagious.