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JN: Rocky Mountain Boys Top Podium in J1, OJ Relays (Updated)

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Note: This post has been corrected to reflect that Rocky Mountain swept both the OJ and J1 boys relays at Junior Nationals on Saturday.

MIDWAY, Utah — Rocky Mountain topped the podium in both the J1 and OJ boys 3×3 k relays on Saturday at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow.

The J1 team with Cal Deline, Christian Shanley and Max Scimgeour edged New England (Eli Hoenig, Sean Doherty and Paddy Caldwell) by 0.3 seconds in 16:43.5.

The Midwest took third (+9.1) with Sam Elfstrom, Adam Martin and Jan Ketterson.

In the OJ boys relay, Rocky Mountain won by the same narrow margin, 0.3 seconds ahead of Alaska. The winners were Charlie Von Thaden, Mike Vigers and Tucker McCrerey, and Alaska was second with Jack Novak, Stefan Hajdukovich and Forrest Mahlen. Intermountain finished third (+0.7) with Kevin Bolger, Akeo Maifeld Carucci and Sawyer Kesselheim.

Combined relay results




JN: New England J2 Girls Edge AK; Alaskan Boys Win Relay

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — New England pulled out a photo-finish victory on Saturday at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow, winning the J2 girls 3×3 k relay by two-tenths of a second over Alaska in 20:13.4.

Julia Kern anchored the New England team, which included Zoe Snow and Katharine Ogden. Alaska was led by Sarrisa Lammer, Taryn Hunt-Smith and Lydia Blanchet in second, and the Midwest was third with Racquel Wohlk, Vivian Hett and Alayna Sonnesyn (+31.4).

J2 girls relay results

In the boys J2 race, Alaska’s Tanner Ramey, Jacob Volz and Thomas O’Harra skied away from the pack to win in 17:57.3.

Intermountain placed second (+2.5) with Sam Miller, Peter Neal and Karten Hokanson. New England was third (+17.1) with Ben Hegman, Jack Elder and Koby Gordon.

J2 boys relay results

JN: Talbot Tallies OJ Victory; Morgan Top J1 in 10 k Classic

Friday, March 9th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — Silas Talbot (NE/Dartmouth) posted the fastest time at Soldier Hollow on Friday, winning the OJ boys 10 k classic individual start in 25:45.5. A second-year OJ, it was his first victory at Junior Nationals.

Wednesday’s mass start winner, Ben Saxton (MW/Minnesota) placed second (+20.0) and Sam Reed (NE/UNH) was third (+30.0)

Cole Morgan (IM/Sun Valley) won the J1 boys 10 k classic title in 26:02.6. Paddy Caldwell (NE/Stratton) finished second (+45.3) and Cal Deline (RM/SSC Vail) was third (+46.0).

J1/OJ Boys Top 20

1. Silas Talbot (NE) OJ: 25:45.5

2. Cole Morgan (IM) J1: +17.1

3. Ben Saxton (MW) OJ: +20.0

4. Sam Reed (NE) OJ: +30.0

5. Mike Vigers (RM) OJ: +32.5

6. Kevin Bolger (IM) OJ: +35.4

7. Austin Meng (FW) OJ: +35.7

8. Tucker McCrerey (RM) OJ: +39.4

9. Alex Mahoney (Canada) OJ: +43.7

10. Charlie Von Thaden (RM) OJ: +55.7

11. Sawyer Kesselheim (IM) OJ: +56.1

12. Arnud Du Pasquier (RM) OJ: +57.8

13. Pat Caldwell (NE) J1: +1:02.4

14. Cal Deline (RM) J1: +1:03.1

15. Sean Doherty (NE) J1: +1:08.1

16. Reitler Hodgert (PN) OJ: +1:08.2

17. Adam Martin (MW) J1: +1:08.9

18. Scott Johanik (MW) OJ: +1:11.3

19. Forrest Mahlen (AK) OJ: +1:11.6

20. Kyle Bratrud (MW) OJ: +1:14.2

J1/OJ boys combined 10 k results


JN: Stock Secures Third J1 Title of the Week; Hall Wins OJ 5 k Classic

Friday, March 9th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah – Corey Stock (NE/Cambridge Sports Union) secured her third victory in as many races at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow on Friday, winning the J1 girls 5 k classic individual start in 14:07.4.

Her New England teammate, Heather Mooney was second (+24.8) and Marion Woods (AK) notched her second straight podium in third (+29.9).

In the OJ girls race, which was held in conjunction with the J1 girls, Rachel Hall (NE/Stratton Mountain School) was the fastest OJ over the 5 k distance.

After placing third in Wednesday’s mass start, Hall won Friday’s race in 14:43.5. Her New England teammate, Mary Kate Cirelli (Green Mountain VS) was second (+6.2). Wednesday’s runner-up, Elizabeth Simak (MW/F.A.S.T.) was third (+9.5).

Top 20 J1/OJ

1. Corey Stock (NE) J1: 14:07.4

2. Heather Mooney (NE) J1: +24.8

3. Marion Woods (AK) J1: +29.9

4. Mary O’Connell (RM) J1: +32.7

5. Sloan Storey (IM) J1: +34.2

6. Rachel Hall (NE) OJ: +36.1

7. Nichol Bathe (MW) J1: +39.9

8. Rachel Hampton (RM) J1: +40.5

9. Mary Kate Cirelli (NE) OJ: +42.3

10. Elizabeth Simak (MW) OJ: +45.6

11. Maya MacIsaac-Jones (Canada) J1: +50.7

12. Felicia Gesior (GL) OJ: +52.8

13. Hanna Benson (NE) J1: +53.5

14. Emily Hannah (RM) J1: +55.5

15. Oli Meyerson (NE) J1: +57.4

16. Tristin Lowe (IM) J1: +58.8

17. Sarah Cresap (AK) OJ: +59.8

17. Annie Liotta (AK) OJ: +59.8

19. Paige Schember (MW) OJ: +1:02.4

20. Delaney Fitzpatrick (MW) J1: +1:03.9

Girls combined J1/OJ 5k classic results

JN: Stock on a Roll, Takes 10 k Freestyle Victory

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — Corey Stock of New England/Cambridge Sports Union nabbed her eighth Junior Nationals victory on Wednesday, winning the J1 girls 10 k freestyle mass start at Soldier Hollow.

Stock won in 29:20.6, just 6.3 seconds ahead of Storey Sloan (IM/Sun Valley) in second. Marion Woods (AK/Alaska Winter Stars) was third (+7.2).

Top 10

1. Corey Stock (NE/Cambridge) 29:20.6

2. Sloan Storey (IM/Sun Valley) +6.3

3. Marion Woods (AK/Alaska Winter Starts) +7.2

4. Emily Hannah (RM/Steamboat) +12.5

5. Sarah Freiston (AK/Alaska Nordic) +55.5

6. Jesse Knori (IM/Sun Valley) +57.1

7. Maya MacIsaac-Jones (Canada/Rocky Mountain Racers) +1:04.7

8. Kelsey Phinney (RM/Boulder) +1:09.4

9. Margaret Pope (IM/Sun Valley) +1:10.3

10. Rachel Hampton (RM/Durango) +1:11.4

J1 girls 10 k mass start results

JN: Caldwell Opens Up, Holds on for J1 Mass Start Win

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — New England’s Patrick Caldwell (Stratton) opened up a lead in the J1 boys 10 k freestyle mass start and held it for the last two laps to win his first title the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow on Wednesday.

In Monday’s sprint, Caldwell was second. He broke away from a pack of fellow New Englanders early and went on to win by 27.9 seconds. Eli Hoening (NE/Cambridge Sports Union) was second and Fabian Stocek of Holderness Nordic helped New England sweep the top five.

Top 10

1. Patrick Caldwell (NE/Stratton) 24:39.3 0

2. Eli Hoenig (NE/Cambridge) +27.9

3. Fabian Stocek (NE/Holderness)+28.2

4. Sean Doherty (NE/Mt.Washington) +39.6

5. Gino Pastore (NE/Stratton) +41.6

6. Cal Deline (RM/SSC Vail) +1:07.4

7. Jackson Hill (RM/Summit) +1:09.6

8. Max Scrimgeour (RM/Steamboat) +1:11.4

9. Patrick McElravey (FW/Auburn) +1:11.9

10. Christian Shanley (RM/Steamboat) +1:15.9

J1 boys 10 k mass start results


JN: Hokanson Wins J2 Mass Start at Home in Soldier Hollow

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — Karsten Hokanson of the Wasatch Nordic Ski Academy (Intermountain) navigated a slick and hard-packed course to a J2 victory the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals on Wednesday, winning the 5 k freestyle mass start at Soldier Hollow.

Hokanson avoided crashes to win in 12:23.7.

Tanner Ramey (AK/Alaska Winter Stars) was second, 9.7 seconds back, and Peter Holmes (Tahoe XC) locked up third (+11.7).

Top 10

1. Karsten Hokanson (IM/Wasatch) 12:23.7

2. Tanner Ramey (AK/Alaska Winter Stars) +9.7

3. Peter Holmes (FW/Tahoe XC) +11.7

4. Sam Miller (IM/Bridger) +12.7

5. Jack Elder (NE/Cumberland)+14.6

6. Gavin McEwen (NE/Cambridge) +19.3

7. Thomas O’Harra (AK/APU) +20.0

8. Henry Trowbridge (RM/Summit) +21.3

9. Jacob Volz (AK/APU) +21.9

10. Ben Grodener (IM/Wasatch) +22.9

J2 boys mass start results

JN: New England’s Kern, Harmeyer Notch J2 Sprint Victories

Monday, March 5th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — New England topped the podium in the J2 classic sprint at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals on Monday, with Julia Kern (Cambridge Sports Union) and Henry Harmeyer (Mansfield Nordic) winning their respective 1.3 k A-finals at Soldier Hollow.

Kern topped NE teammate and Brooke Mooney (Stratton), who finished second. Alayna Sonnesyn (MW/Sisu SC) made the podium in third.

Harmeyer and his teammate at Mansfield Nordic, Ben Hegman, went 1-2 in the A-final. Cully Brown (RM/Durango) was third.

J2 Girls A-final

1. Julia Kern (NE/Cambridge)

2. Brooke Mooney (NE/Stratton)

3. Alayna Sonnesyn (MW/Sisu)

4. Zoe Snow (NE/Cambridge)

5. Katharine Ogden (NE/Stratton)

6. Marte Haakenstad-Braaten (CA/Rocky Mountain)

J2 girls sprint heat results

J2 Boys A-final

1. Henry Harmeyer (NE/Mansfield)

2. Ben Hegman (NE/Mansfield)

3. Cully Brown (RM/Durango)

4. Koby Gordon (NE/Stratton)

5. Kartson Hokanson (IM/Wasatch)

6. Matthew Muffoletto (AK/Alaska Winter Stars)

J2 boys sprint heat results


JN: Lustgarten, Schember Win OJ Sprint Titles

Monday, March 5th, 2012

MIDWAY, Utah — Eric Lustgarten of St. Lawrence University helped New England get the ball rolling on Monday, winning the OJ boys 1.3 k classic sprint A-final at the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals at Soldier Hollow. Lustgarten’s victory was one of five for New England, out of six total races.

Paige Schember (F.A.S.T) picked up a win for the Midwest in the OJ girls A-final, beating the only non-Midwest skier in the final, Rachel Mason of Great Lakes/MTU.

In the boys A-final, New England swept the podium with Austin Cobb (Stratton) in second and Nick Michaud (MWSC) in third.

OJ boys A-final

1. Eric Lustgarten (NE/St. Lawrence)

2. Austin Cobb (NE/Stratton)

3. Nick Michaud (NE/Maine WSC)

4. Silas Talbot (NE/Dartmouth)

5. Sawyer Kesselheim (IM/Bridger)

6. Hans Halvorsen (NE/Green Mountain)

OJ boys heat results


OJ girls A-final

1. Paige Schember (MW/F.A.S.T.)

2. Rachel Mason (GL/MTU)

3. Sharmila Ahmed (MW/GoTraining)

4. Elizabeth Simak (MW/F.A.S.T.)

5. Claire Galvin (MW/GoTraining)

6. Alice Flanders (MW/Sisu SC)

OJ girls heat results

Diggins 12th in World Junior Women’s Pursuit, Despite Crash

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Jessie Diggins chasing after crashing at the start of the women's pursuit.

The U.S.’s Jessie Diggins led the North American women in Sunday’s 10 k pursuit at the World Junior Championships in Otepaa, Estonia, finishing 12th.

However, a crash in the first kilometer left her with a broken pole, putting her out of contention on a day on which she otherwise seemed to ski well enough to contend for the podium.

Norwegians took the top two spots, with Heidi Weng and Martine Ek Hagen snaring gold and bronze. Germany’s Helene Jacob was third.

In addition to Diggins, American Joanne Reid had a strong race in 24th, while Annika Hicks led the Canadians.

Link to full results.