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Last Dryland Competitions

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Wow, am I bad at blogging! Anyway, I ran my marathon three weeks ago. I ended up running about 2:36 for fifth place, which was better than I expected and good for a solid win in the New England Grand Prix race series.
Later that week, I entered my first ever mountain bike race: the coaches’ division at the first ever (as far as we know) New England High School Mountain Bike Championships. I ended up fourth, behind three riders who can’t come close to matching me aerobically but who demonstrated quite starkly that even after six seasons of coaching mountain biking I have a lot to learn.
And most recently, I played in New Hampton School’s first faculty vs. seniors soccer game. I have played a couple times in the faculty vs. varsity field hockey games, and the faculty does not have a very good record, but the students’ turnout wasn’t very good so we got to dominate. I put two goals in the net, which, given how few goals I have ever scored in games anyone cared even a little bit about, felt good.
So now that my final dryland competitions are behind me, I finally broke out my rollerskis and went for a 1:15 classic yesterday. Only one month till I need to be a skier again!