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Running Against the Wind

The title of this post is both literal and figurative. As I start my first full training year of being over age 35, I am at the point where each additional year of life makes me a little slower. It is no longer my choice to prioritize my family and job over my athletic goals that slows me down; 35, by most accounts, is when physical capacity starts, however slowly, to decline.

And so, facing this reality, and coming off of a season that lacked any excellent results (though I had plenty of solid races), I am already training hard for running season. I have a couple of level three sessions under my belt, and I made my third trip to the track yesterday, when I dealt with a fierce wind coming around the final curve each time around.

The workout was five sets of 200/200/400 with 200 meters recovery between efforts. The goal was to build comfort at high speed. My times were:

33, 33, 68
34, 33, 69
33, 33, 68
33, 33, 68
33, 32, 68

I felt solid and controlled. My plan this year is to do more speed in the spring so that during the summer I can really focus on level 4 work and racing. We’ll see how it goes. My first race is next week.

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