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Faster than a 1-skied Kris

That is my brother’s assessment of my race in the Eastern Cup last weekend. He maintains that in December he could have beaten me with only one ski (but two poles) and I can’t be sure that he isn’t right. But I went from 80th in an Eastern Cup in December to 8th last weekend.

That isn’t to say I am skiing well. I actually saw some video footage of myself, and I looked technically solid and impressively relaxed. Too relaxed, though, for a half hour race. I looked like I was saving energy for another 45 km of skiing when I was actually halfway though a 9 km race. I also fell apart–I was running a solid top five for the first two laps and then lost almost 30 seconds in the last lap. Still, I was definitely ski racing rather than flailing about and embarrassing myself. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can do even better.

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