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Busy Weekend

Let’s see…I had two work-related meetings on Thursday, and then I got a call that I had to pick up my daughter from pre-school since she was running a fever. I had a few minutes at home, then I had to pack up my stuff so that I could go to a race down in Hollis, NH. The race was point-to-point, so I parked at the finish, jogged to the start (it is only 5 km) and then had to track down my team manager, get my number and new uniform, change shoes and shirt, pack all my stuff into a numbered bag, and give it to the people on the bus so I would have my stuff at the finish.
Then I had to run really fast for about 14 minutes and 33 seconds.
I took off shortly after the race so that I could talk to my wife about book club, which I had missed for the race (my mother-in-law was watching the kids).
Friday wasn’t so bad–just went for a short run, took care of my sick child and my older, healthier, but jealous and thus needy other daughter. Until about 3:30, when we had to pack up and head to graduation at my alma mater (where Iris now attends kindergarten and where my wife now teaches).
At the end of graduation some of the younger children were taking home balloons so I had to deal with the drama of finding, catching, and untangling balloons for my daughters while not unduly depriving other kids of a shot at taking them home…and then watch my hard work float away as Sage decided to see what would happen if she just let go of a balloon.
Eventually we got the kids to sleep and I went to bed early because I had to get up at 5:00 the next morning to go and pick my brother up so we could go to Mt Washington and race up it (along with 1300 other foolish people).
A huge thank you to Sue Wemyss for getting Kris and me rides on one of the Auto Road’s vans. We were able to get our stuff right at the finish line and were almost the first runners down.
After I got down I at quickly and then left, hoping to get back to Plymouth in time to see my daughters in their gymnastics show, which falls on the same day as the Mt Washington race every year 🙁
I didn’t make it (I should note that my wife had to bring the kids to swim lessons before they were there) but I did manage to pick up a sandwich for my wife so that she could eat something before we headed straight to the ice cream social for alumni of Sant Bani. After the social I helped Heidi get the kids mostly to bed and then I went to another alumni get-together.
And then this morning I woke up to breakfast in bed and even the morning paper. I had an hour or so to relax in the morning, then I went for a run, and then we piled into the car to drive down and see an amazing production of the The Sound of Music at the North Shore Theatre in Beverly, MA. We left for that at 11:00 this morning and got back after 9:00. The kids just fell asleep and now I should get some sleep too…
Oh–maybe I should say that I ran 14:33 for 9th place on a seriously downhill course, and that I was 8th in 1:06:52 on a windy day on Mt Washington, and that I was the top NH finisher (ahead of my 12th place brother, who was the NH runner-up).

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