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12 by 400 Intervals

Tomorrow the rest of the students show up, and I become a full time teacher, working the next 20 days in a row (not all day every day, but pretty close) and with it being my responsibility to bring my younger daughter to school in the morning, and with my wife getting ready for a marathon, today was literally the last day it was easy to find the time to train (it will get easier again when I am done coaching mountain biking in mid-November). So I went to the track and did 400 meter repeats. This was probably useful training, but mostly it just feels good and is familiar. I ran the first two intervals in lane 6, then two in lane 5, etc. I kept everything between 67 and 69 seconds. And now my legs have that good, faint, post-workout ache. If you read FS news you know I had a solid race up Mt Mansfield, and I am hoping to hold the fitness for two more weeks when I race a flat 10 km. Probably no posts until then, but tune in to see if I can salvage the season with a new PR (31:36 is the target–I have run that time twice, including once on that same course).

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  1. nordic_dave says:

    The 400’s are useful depending on the rest period. At 67 to 69 you are pacing not getting after it. So that’s one thing as to how high the heart rate responded to it. If you cut the rest down to a 100 meter jog/walk rest you would then indeed be taxed vs. taking a one lap rest or 200 meter rest. I once tried 12/400’s with 15 sec’s rest at this pace you ran. Also 15 x 300’s max effort, jog the turn (100 meters), go again.

    Result of this type of track work enabled me to once run 8 x 1 mile repeates all under 4:50 per mile.

    I was never fast but could run fast forever, i.e. mid 14’s in 5k, 30 min in 10k and 66 min at half marathon.

  2. Hi Nordic Dave,

    In fact I was getting after it. The finall 400 was 67 high and it was at 100% of max effort. I would like to be in the kind of ahape where I could do the same workout with 100 meters (30 seconds) recovery, but I just am not.

    And I am not at a place where I could recover properly from a true level 4 workout anyway. My goal here was to do some good pacing work and get a little mental boost. Between the headache and general lethargy I have today and the comments that my workout was weak, I am not sure I accomplished either goal 🙂