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Running Season

I just had my first race of the year. It was an inauspicious lead up, as I took most of last week off from training with a nasty virus, and then took Tuesday off of both training and teaching to stay home with a sick child. This pushed my first track workout to Wednesday, only two days before my first race. I have been trying to get away from 400s on the track – I have found that I am getting better and better at doing 400 meter repeats as time goes on but that my performance in these workouts is less and less connected to my racing. So I did three times (200/200/800) with (200/200/400) recovery. The 200s were all 33 and 34. The 800s were 2:25, 2:26, 2:27, as steadily increasing effort levels. This is fairly fast for a skier (or a 38-year-old teacher) but not promising.
I was still very sore when I was warming up for the NHTI Delta Dental 5 km. This is the fourth time I have run the race in five years, and the third course (they have a nice trail that is always underwater in the spring, so they usually have to adjust).
We started out and I hung back in third, letting Jim Johnson set the pace and a younger runner I don’t know chasing right behind him. By half a mile the younger runner took the lead and led us through the mile in 4:50. Way too fast! He faded in the next couple hundred yards and Jim passed him shortly before we crossed the start line and started the second of two laps. I continued to stay behind Jim, occasionally moving back and forth to stay out of the wind but mostly just saving my energy by letting him set pace. At two miles (9:50) he seemed to surge a bit, and I thought he might get away. Then, right around 2.5 miles, he looked back at me, and I knew he was hurting. I made the most decisive move I could, and put a couple seconds on him. There was a fair amount of traffic by now with runners still on their first lap, and I knew this would make it psychologically harder for him to follow me. I didn’t have much kick left in the final stretch, but I had a big enough lead that it didn’t matter. I crossed the line in 15:26, six seconds up on Johnson and 17 ahead of Patrick Ard in third.
I was a touch faster last year, but I am feeling better about my fitness progression this year. I still have a number of races here before I head to Holland (and I am registered for the Dam tot Damloop 10 miler in September, so look forward to a post about running against 50,000 people!

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