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Racing Up, Racing Down, and Moving

So usually if a race is a week old I figure there is not point in blogging about it. But I am going to today, because I have an excuse…

Anyway, I raced the Pack Monadnock 10 miler last Sunday. I raced this three years ago, losing to Brandon Newbould in the final climb (the course climbs about 1800 feet, half in the last two miles). This year I entered with elaborate contingency plans should I be racing any of several potential rivals, but none of them showed up. I had a 20 second lead by two miles, over a minute by seven miles, and earned an easy four-minute victory.

Then I went home to work on packing up my house. The next day my nephew and I moved all of our furniture and most of our boxes.

On Thursday, in addition to more moving-related tasked, I did the downhill race – the Hollis Fast 5 km. This race drops a couple hundred feet in 5 kilometers. I ran 14:37 for 6th – four seconds slower than two years ago but three places better. Maybe the heat slowed people down, or maybe the field was weaker. Either way, it was a decent effort.

One week till Mount Washington. Hopefully I will have finished the many little tasks I need to complete my move before then.

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