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Wow! Blogging has been slow this month. So I will make a quick summary.
I raced Loon Mountain a few weeks ago. I had an unremarkable race to end up third. I like to think that I could have at least scared Ryan Kelly for second place (instead of being a minute back) but I didn’t, and Josh Ferenc was untouchable another 20 seconds up.
And last week I raced the Bill Luti, bringing home my third title in that race with another so-so effort: a younger runner led me through the mile in 5:00, and then dropped like a rock even as I had a lousy second mile up the hill.
The big event of the month was running the Pemi Loop with Kris. We have both had our eyes on this ~33 mile loop with ~10,000 feet of vertical for many years, and finally decided to go for it. We had a perfect day for running – overcast, high 60s, light wind. The downside was that we visited 8 of the most scenic peaks in the state and saw one brief view of Mt Carrigain for about 3 minutes and the rest of the time we saw only fog.
Given that I had done a total of three workouts that exceeded 2:15 this year, surviving an effort that turned out to be 7:30 or logged time (plus 29 minutes of breaks) was a bit questionable. My father resupplied us on top of Mt Lafayette, about 2/3 of the way through. He wasn’t sure I should continue, but I did make it. I even led Kris on some of the late downhills when it became clear that we had a chance of breaking 8:00 total time (the record when we first considered this loop was about 7:20 – it has since dropped to 6:14).
I won’t be running many mountains until next summer – I fly to Holland in two days!

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