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Overdistance Day

Last year at this time we were still hoping for snow. This year, I have the luxury of being disappointed by the rain which means not quite all the trails at Waterville Valley are open.

I got out today for my first real overdistance day in far longer than I care to think about. I skated for three hours, skiing most of the trails at Waterville, including some of the trails that were closed; for whatever reason skiing on sketchy ice with melted out streams is my idea of a good time, even when there are perfectly good groomed trails I didn’t get to ski. I think it is because in the last ten years I have rarely skied the South End trail system there so any chance I get I take.

I didn’t have Iris with me today; I am going to have to take a look at my log and figure out if I have skied more hours pulling her or on my own. When skiing is limited it is nice to pull the Chariot; it lets me get more time out of less trail. But on a day like today, when I could ski over 50 kilometers and never ski the same trail twice, it was kind of nice to go alone.

Today’s workout

Unlike the other Fasterskier bloggers, I am not trying to compete internationally (well, technically Kikkan isn’t trying to compete internationally right now–she is kicking butt and taking names). So my workouts look a little different. For instance today, with all the beautiful snow we have in New Hampshire, I didn’t have time to ski after work. So I went for a six mile run with my daughter, Iris (you can see her at the top left of my homepage). I bundled Iris up, put her in the Chariot carrier (configured as a jogger today, not as a pulk) and pushed her six miles through the two inches of snow and ice still on Old Bristol Road in New Hampton. This is a great road with light traffic; a good thing since on one steep downhill I was sliding as much as running for a bit. Tomorrow I finish teaching early…

Hi Everyone

So…I’m told my blog can go live as soon as I get some photos for the top of the page. I am working on that, mostly because it seems a lot more fun than putting together the physics quiz I am supposed to hand out tomorrow. So within a few days you might even get to read this post! I promise the next one will be more interesting.