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I came into Canmore thinking I would do better than I have.  I had no real reason to believe this though.  I stayed at home for as long as I could because I like the stable training environment there.  The sacrifice for the long stay was that I gave up acclimation time in Canmore.  I focused on getting myself into a stable level of fitness at home.  I trained relatively large volume and had no incredibly hard intervals.  When Zach and I laid out this plan he told me the only down side to it was that I would be flat in Canmore.  I didn’t believe him but he was right.  In the 15k I raced a solid strong race without any fire.  When I tried to dig deep I felt like I had to blast away a layer of granite to get to the gritty stuff underneath.  Zach told me he expected that I would not have my top gear but that the race efforts in combination with a set of intervals in Vancouver will get me my top gear back.  I have always been a fast adapter to intensity work and neither Zach nor I wanted to come into canmore red hot only to flicker and fade in Whistler.

I am not worried.  I have been 20th place when I was dead tired and laid everything on the table and I have been 20th place when I have been simply strong and flat like yesterday.  Strong and flat is usually an indicator that I am about to be strong and fast.  Whistler is a totally different course, elevation, and will most likely have unpredictably crazy snow conditions.  I have been dreaming of these Olympics for four years and in a way for my whole life.   The “show” is about to begin.