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Mad Triathlon

I started training again on May 1st. I have started conservatively with 20 non-specific hours the first week. If you follow me on twitter you would have seen a few of the activities that I have been doing. If you want to follow me on twitter I am @TeamFreebirdXC

Here are some pictures

XC skiing does not help maintain leg speed. Justin enjoyed hurting me during some speed work last week.

This a picture of Amber and I skinning on Mt Sunapee

I was able to skin at Waterville Valley till May 1st. Here is a picture of me holding my Fischer Watea Tele skis. Fischer, Alpina, and Swix have all pledged their continued support for me through next season. I have great sponsors.

I was skiing on the 1st and swimming on the 3rd. I don’t know why but every year that I have swum at least two hours a week in the off season I have skied fast. Its anecdotal but good enough for me.

I raced and won the Mad Triathlon in SugarBush Vermont yesterday which includes a six mile downriver kayak. The “Triathlon” actually has four events. It starts with a 7.2 mile downhill run followed by the kayak, a ten mile road bike hill climb and finishes with a 5k trail run. It is a cool event that used to be know as the SugarBush Triathlon. They renamed it two years ago when they lengthened the initial run and swapped out their traditional 5k ski for a 5k trail run. I have wanted to compete in the race for about 15 years but it had not fit in my schedule till this year.


Today I went for my first ski since I got home from Tahoe. I skinned up the alpine slope in ideal corn snow with perfect sunny skies overhead. I felt lousy though. I have barely slept the last few days as I have been trying to reconcile with a new situation. I will no longer be a member of the US Ski Team. I was told that even though I am extremely likely to be representing the US at the Olympics in February, I was not nominated for NGB support because there was little probability of my medaling next year. Despite this assumption the Maine Winter Sports Center and my longtime coach still believe in my potential. We will continue to prepare for Sochi on our own.

Rested and Ready

My time at home was very productive and I am feeling like myself again. I traveled to Davos Switzerland last night and just got back from an easy classic ski in fresh powder. I have eight days to prepare for the 15k freestyle world cup being held here. Five days later I will compete in the 30k at the World Championships I had good sensations competing in the Craftsbury Marathon last Saturday. This picture was taken a few hundred meters from the finish My Dad won the M7 age division and the unofficial beardcicle contest.

Putting a Bib on

Even when rebuilding I find it important to stay in the practice of putting a bib on and racing. Last weekend I raced a 30k classic in Jackson NH. It was cold out and Swix VR30 was kicking like a mule. The tracks were firm and well prepared. Racing on “real” ski trails was a nice change from the “interstate highways” that are now raced on the World Cup. I had a good time and my feeling is getting better and better.

A little R and R

It took a full week for my body to recover enough from the Tour de Ski to benefit from training. Recovering from the seven races in nine days would have been difficult on its own but I had blood glucose management problems as well. After the 36km Cortina to Toblach race my blood sugar did something it had never done before after a marathon style race. It rose and it kept rising. In fact it went higher than I have ever monitored it. As a panic reaction I dosed a very large amount of insulin to counteract the high. I dosed too much and my glucose dropped to 30 (a non-diabetic would never see a number below 70). This low left me shaking and sweating so I ate carbs to bring my glucose back up, and it shot into the high range again. The next day I had to race…

Not the Tour I was looking for

The Tour turned out to be a very long and frustrating week for me. I started out by injuring my shoulder in the second race and ended with glucose issues that wreaked havoc on my hormonal system. I made the decision to return home to NH and get my feet back under me. I have five weeks before the World Championships which should be plenty of time to regain my form. I told FS that I would never compete in the Tour again. That is probably not true. I will definitely not participate in it next season as I do not want to take any chances with my health in the lead up to Sochi. However I would like to race it again in 2015. In the next few weeks I will write more about my experience in the Tour this year. For right now though I am going to…

Tour Prep

I have had a busy few weeks. After a disappointing race series in Kuusamo, I flew to Aspen to train with the Hoff for a week before Canmore. My training there centered around two intensity workouts. There was no snow in Aspen so we drove to Vail to do a 45 minute L3 skate on the cat tracks at the base of the alpine area. We were at 8500 ft so I mostly followed, and suffered as Hoff skied in his natural habitat. The next hard session was a planned 6 x 3 minute bounding session. We changed the workout to uphill classic intervals after it snowed a foot overnight. The purpose of the workout was to go hard enough that I would reach failure. I felt good for the first two efforts but then it became clear that I was not recovering in the thin air. After the 4th…


The team and I had an easy travel from Mounio to Sweden. Since then I have been skiing twice a day on the world cup courses. The 5k loop which will be used for the men’s 15k and women’s 10k has some minor terrain changes. Four tunnels and a replacement bridge have been added resulting in several short steep hills that will slightly alter the momentum of the course. A new 2.5km loop has been groomed as well that will be used for the men’s and women’s relay. The men’s relay has been shortened to 4×7.5km. It will be interesting to see if the shorter length has any effect on how the race is paced and the overall outcome. My energy has been increasing each day and I am feeling much better skating than I did leading into last week’s race in Finland. It seems that sometimes I just need…


I have finished my first weekend of racing in Mounio Finland. I started all three races this weekend beginning with the classic sprint. I skied technically well in the sprint but lacked the snap I needed and missed qualifying by just over two seconds. The second race was a 10k classic which I skied very well. I was in the hunt for top three the whole race but finished 4th. Given the strength of the field it was a great effort. Sunday’s race was a 15k skate. I felt off from the start and never got comfortable on my skis. My struggle to get comfortable cost me on the last lap as I faded from 8th to 14th. It was a frustrating day, but one that I would rather have in warm-up races than on the world cup. STRIDING TOP SIX SKATING This last picture is of my parents dog,…

Autumn in Presque Isle

I recently spent a week in Presque Isle training. The weather was ideal and I took advantage of it for some long skis on rolling farm roads. I also did some near max bounding intervals at the Nordic Heritage Center and a 3 x 5k interval session with Welley Ramsey. Welley is in good shape and used his fast roller skis to really push me on the workout. I also found time to do a short technique session with Aroostock county’s growing development group. I am now in Park City training with the national team. I have testing on Monday and Wednesday before traveling onto Canmore for some on snow training.