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Autumn in Presque Isle

I recently spent a week in Presque Isle training. The weather was ideal and I took advantage of it for some long skis on rolling farm roads. I also did some near max bounding intervals at the Nordic Heritage Center and a 3 x 5k interval session with Welley Ramsey. Welley is in good shape and used his fast roller skis to really push me on the workout.

I also found time to do a short technique session with Aroostock county’s growing development group.

I am now in Park City training with the national team. I have testing on Monday and Wednesday before traveling onto Canmore for some on snow training.

NZ Wrap-up

I have been home from New Zealand for a week now. Looking back on the camp I would say that it was the best overall training I have ever had there. I got to ski in every conceivable snow condition from slush to ice and from hairies to hard wax. I was there for two half days and sixteen full days. I took two full days off and still trained 61 hours with three hard intensities. Hoff was a great training partner. However in his blog he only mentioned the one chess game he beat me in. We played three times. The first game was a stalemate, I crushed him in the second, and he eked a win in the third. So we are currently tied but I am confident that I will take the lead when I see him in a few weeks in Park City. Chess Last Day

Toughman Workout

Every summer I like to come up with at least one “Toughman workout.” My definition of of a “Toughman” is a workout that is so extremely hard and difficult that it is of questionable training value. However these workouts do have the clear benefit of making nearly all other workouts seem easy in comparison. In the past I have done double century rides on my road bike or set out on a 42 mile run that summited four mountains. This year I decided to do a shorter workout with an increase in intensity. I started at the Franconia Falls trailhead and ran the Franconia Trail to the Garlfield Ridge trail. This was about 12 miles of gradual uphill on increasingly rough terrain. When I turned left on the Garlfield trail I increased my intensity to Level 3 and ran, bounded and ski walked to the Summit. The effort took 20…

Hanging with The Hoff

I have been training in New Zealand for the past six days with Noah Hoffman and the Canadian men. The Canadians had a 10k skate time trial scheduled on the 4th and they invited Noah and I to race. They even waxed our skis for us which was pretty sweet. I was happy with my performance in the race as I won by 30 seconds over Devon and Babikov. However this is not the first time I have won a time trial in New Zealand. I am well aware that I need to carry and build on my fitness into the season. WARMING UP FOR THE TIMETRIAL This is the latest date that I have skied in New Zealand. I knew that I would be confronting spring conditions which is what I wanted since about 90% of world cups seem to be held in slush. As long as the snow…

Busy Schedule

I have had a busy schedule recently but it hasn’t kept me from keeping a high training load. After spending two days on the road visiting diabetes camps outside Chicago and Greenville North Carolina I got right back into a hard block of training. Press release from one of the camps July 26th AM 3 hour skate with 15 speeds PM 30 min classic with 1:30 strength July 27th AM 2 hour classic with one hour L3 building to race pace (see video) PM 2 hour run July 28th AM 4 hour pursuit OD (two hour double pole followed directly by two hours skating) I took the 29th easy and now I am entering a four day training period with 20 hours scheduled. Saturday I will race in the “Top Notch” triathlon which is my favorite multi-event. It consists of a six mile hill climb MT Bike, a…

Training in Maine

A few weeks ago I had a good camp in Presque Isle Maine. There were two focal intensity workouts. The first was a one hour threshold skate with 8 two hundred meter sprints meant to simulate preems. It felt like I was skiing on a closed course with all the cones and signs Sweetser set up for the workout. Russel Currier set a good initial pace and we switched off leading throughout. Welley put up a good fight in one of the early preems. The second intensity was a 6×5 min threshold bounding workout that Welley joined me for. I didn’t know that Presque Isle had a quality bounding route like the one we used. Overall I enjoyed my training in Maine. Rollerskiing through rolling farmland was a particularly nice change of pace. The new restaurant in town that serves quality espresso was nice surprise as well. L3 with Preems…


For the past eight years I have spent a few weeks each summer visiting summer camps exclusively for kids with diabetes. My first visit of this year was in Presque Isle in June. I joined the campers while they spent the morning learning to shoot at the Nordic Heritage Center biathlon range. I took the opportunity to fire a biathlon rifle for the first time and hit my first two targets before missing six in a row. A week later I spent three days on the road to attend camps in Memphis and Nashville Tennesse before swinging over to Casper Wyoming. The following link is a youtube video of a segment for the CNBC TV show “dlife” that was filmed during the Naitonal 50k in Craftsbury. The clip does a good job of showing what I do at the camps I attend. It sensationalizes a bit when it says that…

Off Day?

Today was supposed to be an easy off day for Hoff and I. However there is a severe lack of stimuli in our isolated lodge, so we convinced each other that going for a crust cruise was a good idea. We headed out to climb the mountain that dominates our view every morning at breakfast. starting the ascent continuing the climb still going up Hoff on top Sketchy traverse The roundtrip crust cruise took a little over two hours. It was the most scenic ski I have been on in years and we only got lost once.


I went home for three days after Bend camp and then traveled to Norway to ski on the trails in Sognefjell with Noah Hoffman. The Norwegian national team arrived a day later and we have been invited to train with them. They have been very generous, helping with waxing, video, and technique examination. The weather here has gone back and forth between burning hot sun and blizzard like conditions. Close to a meter of snow has fallen since out arrival five days ago. Soaking in the sun while I can post 20k threshold Lodging is very “hostel” like. We stay in bunk rooms with communal bathrooms and showers. The food is excellent though, and we are treated to five meals a day and a never ending supply of strong coffee. The Norwegian plan we have followed… June 3rd, Am Norwegian team arrives, PM 2.5 hour skate 4th, Am 3 hour…


The team and I went on a two hour Mt bike a few days ago. While working to chase down Simi and Noah, I hit a rock with my chainring so hard that it jolted me out of my pedals. My feet skidded to a stop and then what was left of my big chainring slammed into the back of my calve. Fortunately the accident had no impact on my training. My leg was sore and I will have an awesome scar but I rode home with no problem and skied pain free for the rest of the camp. I skated 3.5 hours with Hoff this morning while inserting about ten twenty second sprints into the ski. Tomorrow I fly home where I will train for three days before heading to Norway.