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From Vancouver to Estonia

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Last Tuesday we had our last race of the Olympic games, the relay race. We were all looking forward to this race as a chance to represent our country, race together as a team, and hopefully improve upon our result from last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to carry through the good shooting from the previous week and suffered a penalty in prone. We don’t get to race head-to-head very much (even the “pursuit” races they hold in the States aren’t true pursuits, just 30-second interval start races where you shoot four stages in the order of a pursuit race, prone-prone-standing-standing) and it’s possible the heightened excitement got to me.


Shooting for Personal Bests

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Thursday was the Individual race here in Vancouver. I’d had some shaky performances on the range in shooting the previous two days, so I needed to sort that out first and foremost, as an Individual is heavily weighted toward the superior shooter. I spent a little bit of time doing SCATT laser training with my coaches on Wednesday night and used the remaining time during zero on Thursday morning to shoot a few extra clips, just to make the mechanics smooth. The day was sunny and a warm one inside our one-piece powerweb racing suits, so I was grateful it was also the one race in which we’re allowed feeds. With temperatures dropping a little lower at night during the past week, the tracks held up surprisingly well even when the sun came out. They probably became just a little slower as the snow was churned up and the top layer turned to water. At least we started in the morning instead of the after the men.