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Frenchman Pierre Guedon won a sprint finish on Sunday at the Engadin Ski Marathon in Switzerland, completing the 42 k freestyle race in 1:28.19.6. Italian runner-up Christian Zorzi was half a second behind and Christophe Perrillat-Collomb of France placed third, one second after Guedon.

Swiss World Cup skier Remo Fischer was fourth (+1.4) and Martin Hammer of Norway took fifth (+2.0).

Finnish national-team member Riita-Liisa Roponen won the women’s race in 1:29.52.3, beating Swiss runner-up Seraina Boner by 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

U.S. biathlete Hannah Dreissigacker (Craftsbury Green Racing Project/USBA) placed 25th, and American¬†Matt Liebsch¬†(XC United) took 26th, 15.7 seconds behind the winner. XC Oregon’s Oliver Burruss finished 48th, and Craftsbury’s Nils Koons placed 54th and Peter Kling of APU was 56th.

Men’s results

Women’s results

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  1. james j Says:

    wow, 10 minutes out still the top 10? 10 min. out in the mens would be back in the 100′s. why such a non-competetive womens field for a major european event – do they not offer equal prize money or appearance fees/

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